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Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore

I Like It

From the first day that we met I was into you
Couldn't get you off my mind
Every time I close my eyes it's like deja vu's
Seems like I've kissed your lips a thousand times

And when I'm feeling up on your skin so smooth
So many things I know that I'd like to do
You're the only one who has gotten through
To the love that's inside

Don't you know it's true we were meant to be
Never felt like this before
Let the world revolove around you and me
Every day I want you more

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I like it
All the things you do, girl
I like it
When I'm close to you
I like it
Having someone special
I like it
When that one is you
Do you like walking hand in hand, girl
Do you like it when I'm holding you
Do you like it when I say I'm your man
Do you like it the way I do