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Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore

Lock Me In Your Heart

Mandy Mandy the sound of your voice is sweet like Candy
There was a time when I was all alone
Waitin' for someone I could call my own
I closed my eyes and dreampt you up ontay
My Prince of Charms would ride up and We'd fly away

Take me to a place where down magic between Us becomes real
Take me all the way
Boy I want you to lock me in your heart
and Throw away the key show me it's real (show me) the way
it's supposed to be Lock me in your heart and never
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let me go (I must confess)
You are the best So baby come and take me
(take me baby take me away take me baby take me away)

We'll dance together where no one can see with you alone is where
I want to be Try to teritory will discover
you'll always be my dream lover

oOo *Chorus x3*