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Sieges Even


Sieges Even

What's Up God?

Don't you bear the voices calling for someone shaped like you
Watch their fingers clenching 'round the cross once misconstrued
What's wrong, god? You became odd, this was your job why did you stop
Now you look helpless god you're still mute what about your son

We'd like to salute
We'd like to see the one now you can show us your skills
It seems to be your chance pull yourself up
Oh, sorry, didn't know you feel sick you're getting in retirement age
You're off, you're carried off the stage you're said to be a mastermind

So if you feel inclined get yourself going
Oh sorry, did you know you feel sick hey god, what is up?
Hey god, your glance is sad, sorry for asking but is it your age?
'The one who's always there', A new name, would be fair
Excuse me, but now I know you're feeling sick