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Sieges Even


Sieges Even


You always told me I was the only one
Aah - it's nothing serious 'It's just for fun'
And while I try to understand
You whisper
'All I feel, I feel for you'
I believe you do
'I never want to hurt your feelings, but please remember there was something you said'
I always told you I practise tolerance
Now I recognize that was a fatal utterance
I always thought it would it would leave me cold
Wish I could stay
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But I can't
I know it was my fault an I've to take the blame
And please don't say you love me - this would even mean more pain
Wish I could stay but my feelings force me to say
I've to go
Wish I could start it up again
But who can change what feelings dictate?
I talked without a thought
Don't want you anymore