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Yellow Claw


Yellow Claw

Never Dies (Wiwek remix)

We were raised in the street
So we do what we want
And we say how we feel
If you like it or not
When you see us come in
You know we're rolling deep
We make noise, stomp our feet
If you like it or not

Play with fire, you're gonna get burned
Say what you want, me no really concerned
Talk is cheap and we always laugh last
Say it to our face, no you never gon' do that
You'll never do that
Say it to our face, no you never do that
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We are young so we're living our lives
Do whatever we like, no we're never gon' die
We gon' rise, let the fire burn high
Middle finger in the sky, no we're never gon' die

They give us looks that kill
But we're chasing the thrill
So we never gon' stop
Never will drop
We're just keeping it trill
And we're chasing them bills
But they think that we high-igh
High off them pills


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