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Yellow Claw


Yellow Claw

Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man)

製作:Yellow Claw

[Intro:Beenie Man]
Oh na na na
Representing Yellow Claw

[Verse 1: Beenie Man]
I'm a dancehall soldier
Marching into war
Rebel with one purpose
From birth, that's who we are
The sound is universal
So we way beyond the stars
Igniting people around the world
Whether if they're near or far

[Hook: Beenie Man]
Hands in the air if you're ready to party
Ready to party, ready to party
Hands in the air if you're ready to party
Ready to party

[Verse 2: Beenie Man]
Whether you're white or whether you're black
Mi bring di fun a di nicest spot
One thing mi fans dem know fi a fact
Pattern and style and flow mi lock
This is the dancehall king pon di track
Stand up inna dis like Gibraltar Rock
Cream of the crop, king of the pack
Standing the test of the time like clock
Music hit, yuh feel no pain
Lyrics I spit stimulate your brain
A nuh just fi di money, nah just fi di fame
When music evolve, me adjust di game
Heights weh mi reach a nuh easy gain
All over the world dem a call mi name
Mi fans dem a share mi joy and pain
Motivate me fi maintain