Slut (G.B.H.) 歌詞 Power from Hell ※ 魔鏡歌詞網
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Power from Hell


Power from Hell

Slut (G.B.H.)

I wanted you cause of your bust
And now I want a night of lust.
Cant' wait around here anymore.
So take me home you dirty whore.

Slut, slut…
Dirty bitch

I've had too many pints of poison,
Now I wanna try your pants on.
I don't care if you're really crude,
I wanna see you in the nude.
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Suppose you think it's fun to tease.
Spread around social disease
Don't care how many you have had.
Just lie down I want it bad.

You think you look pretty cute.
Black and shiny diving suit.
High heels with a nine inch spike.
Something about you I know I like.