The Old Masters (Death Metal) 歌詞 Power from Hell ※
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Power from Hell


Power from Hell

The Old Masters (Death Metal)

This is my way... of doing rock and roll
This is how... I show the power
Sexual perversions... governing my world
My riffs cut... like a sword

Guardians of metal... I continue the legacy
Invoking the darkness... and the old masters

Only three notes... destroy your soul
Listen to Celtic Frost... the old death metal
The legend still lives... with the goat of darkness
Sodomic honors... great Bathory
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I'll play rock and roll as I live...
I will fuck pussy and feel free
On the road to hell, I'm listening to Motörhead
The life I lead I don't need cash

The power from hell will not be forgotten
The flames of metal... never rotted
The old masters... always lived
While I play, you lose your breath