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作詞:Carman Licciardello, Rosenstein Glenn M, Steve Skinner

Nothing is impossible
Nothing's out of reach
All good things will come to those
Who faithfully believe

When you see a mountain
Standing is your way
Known that it will move for you
If only you will pray

'Cause prayer can move a mountain
Prayer can stop the doubt
And prayer can calm
The raging heart of unbelief

For I know when I go on my knees
God will move for me
And prove what He can do
Through prayer

Somewhere there's a miracle
Waiting 'round the bend
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How He's blessed you in the past
He'll do it once again

You're not forgotten
Or been turned away
The Lord's about to move for you
If only you will pray

I know that He won't leave me all alone
The Lord has kept me safe till now
He'll show me when
He'll show me how

And I know that I can't make it on my own
But with the power of God in me
There's nothing great that I can't be
No mountain high, no valley low
Will change my mind 'cause this I know

Move, move, right now
Holy Spirit


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