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Lazarus Come Forth

作詞:Carman Licciardello

I am the resurrection and the Life
He that believeth in Me
Though he were dead
Yet shall he live

A certain man had died in the town of Bethany
And Lazarus was his name
The Bible says he was a man that Jesus loved
And his sisters thought it was a shame
Mary and Martha longed for Jesus' healing touch
To come and raise their brother

'Cause they loved that boy so much
But Jesus has a plan not known to any man
That would soon take away their pain
They were for Jesus to come and say

Lazarus, Lazarus
Lazarus come forth

When he died he went to where
The saints of God did stay, in the holding place
They lived beyond the tomb
There he saw Elijah, Moses, Samuel, even Ruth
And all the others jammed up in a room

He turned around and saw
Ol' Gideon standin' by the door
He walked up and said, 'Hey brother
What's this group here for?'

Well Giddie said
'Well alright this is testimony night
Have a seat man 'cause the meeting is starting soon'
While Mary and Martha, just wanted to see

Lazarus, Lazarus
Lazarus come forth

Moses shook his stick
Said, 'Now this meeting come to order
Can I get a witness for the Lord tonight?'
Abraham kicked it off
Said, 'I want y'all to know that I knew him'

He gave a child to my barren wife
Issac waived hi hand said
'Hey daddy, I knew him too'
Jacob jumped up says
'Amen Grandpa, preach it'

Old dignified Solomon
Adjusted his robe and said
'I knew him, He made me so smart
I started to teach it'

Ezekiel said, 'I knew him
As a wheel within a wheel'
Job said, 'Man, he healed me
When I was almost dead'
Sampson said, 'I knew
When some Philistines tried to jump me'
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'I took a donkey jawbone and busted a few heads'
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego said
We knew him in the fiery furnace
Jonah said, 'Man, he gave me a second chance'

Daniel cried out I knew him in a hungry den of lions
The Holy Ghost hit King David
He just started to dance, Lazarus got so excited
He shouted Hey I knew him too
Moses put down his stick

Said, 'Hey, who's the new kid
Needless to say the room got real quiet'
When Lazarus said but I knew him
In a way you all never did
You see man I walked with him and talked with him

I saw how his teachings awed the crowds
Those famous tears of compassion I could actually see
He used to come over to my house after church
And my sisters would make him dinner
And every month I even supported his ministry

You see man I watched him confront the Pharisees
I was there when he fed the five thousand
I heard the people gasp when he healed the lame
You see man I even remember the littlest things

The things that most folks would forget
Like the simple, loving way He'd just call my name
Up at the grave stone rolled away
With a loud voice Jesus started to say, Lazarus
You see it just seems like yesterday
I could hear that man saying my name

As a matter of a fact it seemed like today
Excuse me brothers I think I hear him calling me now

Lazarus, Jesus
Lazarus, Jesus
Lazarus, Jesus
Lazarus, hey Jesus
Lazarus, come forth

Come forth, I command you, come forth
Jesus said, 'Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus come forth'
Like he was saying sickness be healed
Mountains be moved

When he said, 'Lazarus come forth
Mary don't weep, Martha don't moan
Here come your boy comin' forth'

He that believeth in me
Though he were dead
Yet shall he live


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