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Glass Hammer


Glass Hammer

The Fields We Know

Long years ago I traveled
Upon a road that led me
To fields of battle far from home
And that is where you'll find me
Though I don't know why
They say the war is over
They say we are at peace now
They say I should be heading home
But I have lost my way now
Though I try and try

At the end of a winding lane
Where sunlight paints the meadows
Where winter seems a distant memory
There is a safe, familiar home
The table's set, the bed is turned
And standing there, the girl I long to see
She waits for me

Do not cry for me my friends
I'm not among the fallen
I've got some scars as you can see
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But I'm alive as any man could be
I won't complain
I climb down in the trenches still
Or walk the battered roadsides
I search for relics of the war
In craters on the hillsides
Where my friends were slain

At the end of a winding lane
Where sunlight paints the meadows
And every tree is etched in memory
My home is over there you see
And one day I will find it
And see again those smiles that used to be
Only for me

The grass is growing green upon the fields
The sun, a shining glory in the sky
But I went dark, and I'll be having none of that
And so the days wear on, and so the days wear on