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Glass Hammer


Glass Hammer

Golden Days

He debated one idea the morning through
Were his memories of childhood even true?
He believed that good resides in every heart
Now it seems that man's been rotten from the start
Those were the golden days
The sun shone down on fields of green
Within the heart of summer there is life

He took her love and all that it implied
He sought to pull her close unto his side
Then the sound of singing turned them both around
And it broke the spell that surely held them bound
Those were the golden days
And now they seem so far away
They ran to see whose singing they had heard
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There were soldiers on the road
And they sang as they marched to war
For a darkness had fallen 'pon a bleak
And distant shore

I had thought that there was beauty everywhere
But they told me there were monsters over there
Death and evil was set loose upon the earth
All good men must someday rise and show their worth
He remembers the tears as he left her standing there
He dreams of her now and a love beyond compare
There was sorrow on her face as he marched away to war
Though he lies now in ruins he'll love her forevermore