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Dead Center

Oh it would be so exciting
To know everything you've known
See it all at once from the outside
No beginning and no end
Wake up one morning
You know you just might
Find out that science was right all along
And you know it's hard to accept
When logic is your very best friend
No, I'm not talking about being cold
Ah, but the truth
The way it really is
That's what you really want
Oh it's a party that happens sideways
And you leave where you come in
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So don't ask 'Am I missing a good time?'
Don't you see? Oh, it's the only time
It's just for you
Isn't it so obvious I don't need to say it?
You've got responsibility for the whole thing
In the dead center of your skull
And I want you to make it
Are you ready to go freelance
Do the thing and dance the dance?
Yeah, I said all the world's your guest
Are you ready to do the rest?
Ha! Sideways!