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Game Theory

The Young Drug

People thought they'd taught you gratitude,
But you say you need more latitude for all they throw at you
People say the future's bright for you,
But you think what they say won't make it true
The future's black and blue - it's not 1962
Your little sisters turning harder core
It's only one obsession out of many more
The young drug is illegal in your state
The young drug but you take it anyway
It's so big they just don't know who to blame
People say you drive to dangerously
And you pretend they've got a point to see. With kind apology
People say cocaine is wrecking you;
Someone's got to keep a check on you.
They all have lectured you. But no one ever got through
You thought you knew about what's right and wrong
But there's a law that you've been breaking all along


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