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Missy Higgins


Missy Higgins

Going North (Live) [Bonus Track]

I wanna dance the tango with chance
And I wanna ride on the wire
'Cause nothing gets done with dust in your gun
And nobody respects a liar

So, goodbye for a while
I'm off to explore every boundary and every door
Yeah, I'm going north

And I wanna know where children would go
If they never learned to be cool
'Cause nothing's achieved when pushed up a sleeve
So nobody thinks you're a fool

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So, goodbye for a while
I'm out to learn more about who I really was before
Yeah, I'm going north

Up where the hunted hide with ease
Under the arms of eyeless trees
Up where the answers fall like leaves
Or when your love is all I need

Yeah, I'm going north
I'm going north
Yeah, I'm going north, yeah


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