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Missy Higgins( 希金斯·小喬 )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 155 首歌 】
梅利莎“小姐”莫里森希金斯 Melissa 'Missy' Morrison Higgins(生於1983年8月19日)是澳大利亞創作歌手,音樂家和女演員。她的澳大利亞頭號專輯是The White of Sound(2004),On the Night Night(2007)和Ol'Razzle Dazzle(2012),她最受歡迎的單曲是“Scar”,“The Special Two”,“Steer “和”我站在哪裡“。希金斯於2004年獲得五次ARIA音樂大獎提名,並獲得“疤痕”的“最佳流行發行”。 2005年,她被提名獲得7個獎項,並獲得五個獎項。希金斯在2007年贏得了她的第七屆ARIA。她的第三張專輯The Ol'Razzle Dazzle於2012年6月在澳大利亞發布(2012年7月在美國發行)。截至2014年8月,希金斯的前三張錄音室專輯已售出超過100萬張。


除了她的音樂生涯外,希金斯還追求動物權益和環境利益,努力讓她的巡迴演唱會保持中性。 2010年,她在故事片“Bran Nue Dae”中首次亮相,並在其配樂中表演。
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Oz 英文
1.You Only Hide
2.Calm And Crystal Clear (提供)
4.Before Too Long
5.No Secrets
6.Curse On You
7.Everybody Wants To Touch Me
8.The Biggest Disappointment
9.Don't Believe Anymore
10.Back To The Wall
11.Was There Anything I Could Do
12.Shark Fin Blues
14.Old Fitzroy
15.The Way You Are Tonight
Unashamed Desire (Single) 英文
1.Unashamed Desire (Single)
The Ol' Razzle Dazzle 英文
1.Set Me On Fire
2.Hello Hello
3.Unashamed Desire
4.Everyone's Waiting
5.All In My Head
6.Temporary Love
7.Watering Hole
9.If I'm Honest
10.Cooling Of The Embers
11.Hidden Ones
12.Sweet Arms Of A Tune
13.World Gone Mad
14.Link In A Chain
Hello Hello (Single) 英文
1.Hello Hello (Single)
Where I Stood (EP) 英文
1.Where I Stood
2.Stuff And Nonsense
3.Wrong Girl
4.Beautiful Mind
The EP Collectibles 英文
1.Greed For Your Love - Live Version
2.Steer (XM session)
3.All for Believing (live)
4.Falling (EP Version)
5.Blind Winter (EP Version)
6.Drop the Mirror (EP Version)
7.You Just Like Me 'Cause I'm Good In Bed (EP Version)
8.Breakdown (Live with Brett Dennen & Mason Jennings)
9.More Than This (Roxy Music Cover)
10.The Wrong Girl (Live) [Bonus Track]
11.Angela (Live) [Bonus Track]
12.Sugarcane (Live) [Bonus Track]
13.Going North (Live) [Bonus Track]
14.Scar (live)
15.The Battle
16.Hold Me Tight
17.Secret (XM session)
18.Peachy (XM session)
19.Scar - Live Version
20.The Special Two - Live Version
21.Ten Days - Live Version
22.This Is How It Goes - Live Version
23.Don't Ever (live)
24.In Love Again
25.Where I Stood (live From Cities)
26.Warm Whispers (XM session)
27.Forgive Me (XM session)
28.Stuff And Nonsense - Non Album Track
Spotify Sessions (Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014) 英文
1.Everybody Wants To Touch Me - Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014
2.NYE - Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014
3.Shark Fin Blues - Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014
4.The Biggest Disappointment - Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014
5.The Way You Are Tonight - Live From Spotify Sydney / 2014
Peachy 英文
1.Droving Woman (With Augie March & Paul Kelly)
2.The Book Song (Live)
3.100 Round The Bends (Live)
On a Clear Night 英文
3.Sugar Cane
4.100 Round The Bends
6.Warm Whispers
8.Going North
9.Forgive Me
10.Where I Stood
11.Wrong Girl
OZ (Track By Track) 英文
1.You Only Hide - Track By Track
2.Calm And Crystal Clear - Track By Track
3.No Secrets - Track By Track
4.Curse On You - Track By Track
5.Everybody Wants To Touch Me - Track By Track
6.Don't Believe Anymore - Track By Track
7.Was There Anything I Could Do - Track By Track
8.Shark Fin Blues - Track By Track
9.NYE - Track By Track
10.Old Fitzroy - Track By Track
11.The Way You Are Tonight - Track By Track
More Than This (EP) 英文
1.More Than This
2.I'm In Love Again
Audio Rambles - A Track By Track of On a Clear Night By Missy 英文
2.Going North (Commentary)
3.Peachy (Commentary)
4.Angela (Commentary)
5.The Wrong Girl (Commentary)
6.Warm Whispers (Commentary)
7.Secret (Commentary)
8.Sugarcane (Commentary)
9.Steer (Commentary)
10.100 Round the Bends Commentary)
11.Where I Stood (Commentary)
12.Forgive Me
13.Going North
16.Forgive Me (Commentary)
暫存 英文
2.The Wrong Girl
4.The River
5.Scar (Live)
6.Don't Ever
7.The Sound Of White
8.Any Day Now
9.Ten Days
11.This Is How It Goes
13.The Special Two
14.All for Believing
16.We Ride
17.Night Minds
18.Dusty Road
19.The Cactus That Found the Beat
20.Drop the Mirror
21.Greed for Your Love
22.Dancing Dirt Into the Snow
23.Greed for Your Love (Live)
24.They Weren't There
26.Droving Woman
27.Blind Winter
28.Scar - Australian Version
29.Oh Canada
30.Beautiful Mind - Live at Centennial Park
31.Where I Stood (Live)
32.Leave a Note (Demo)
33.We Ride (From the Film 'Spark: A Burning Man Story')
34.Steer (Triple J Acoustic Recording)
35.Hearts a Mess
36.Nightminds (Dave Higgins remix)
37.You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
38.If I Could Start Today Again
40.Scar (Jay Newland Mix)
42.Scar (Intro) [Live]
43.Futon Couch

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