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Orpheus Omega


Orpheus Omega


Why have you forsaken me
Am I really that bad
where did this all go wrong
The only person I could count on myself
A lie my mind in pieces all I have are sleepless nights
The thoughts that rule my mind
Light glimpses through closed lids
Spiraling to endless abyss

Show me the light how to break free
When the only thing that binds me is the fear in self belief
Is it better to never try and never to feel
Or to take your chances and live the dream

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Fragments slip from this reality now
My own strength attacks me
Saps me of my will
I am lost forever in this vortex of sorrow
This nightmare can't be real
My guide where are you now
For this journey I will not regret
Give me the lift to climb these peaks
Give me the push to cross these lakes
This world unknown and curious
A place for me to call my own
A place where I am not alone