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Orpheus Omega


Orpheus Omega

Echoes Through Infinity

Day breaks through another night of sleepless thought
Imagine if time had truly stopped
When every minute feels like the end of time
And every breath takes everything

Look at the story told transcend the open page
Read every line until the chapter ends the full stop awaits our gaze
When the silence takes me to that wandering place traversing roads I dare not walk forced to hold within my hands what moments passed to find us here
Then the world seemed like a bigger place when the dreams took us past the stars

The dying sun shines brightest before the darkness takes the light
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And in the dimmest lit corners of your heart the memories keep us alive
Dig past this fortified state of mind

And I push on with all the strength that seeps from me
I'll build these walls around to keep the world at bay
We'll meet again at the finish line the future stands but a breath away
Stretching out to eternity
The flesh and bone give way to dust a soul adorned
By those we leave behind our mark is etched in time