No Worries 歌詞 Reef The Lost Cauze ※
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Reef The Lost Cauze


Reef The Lost Cauze

No Worries

It's a beautiful day here in Philadelphia
It's bout 70 degrees
Birds are chirpin', sun is shining
I feel good, uh

[Verse 1]
I woke up with a smile this morning
Woke to my girl, beautiful child this morning
Took a hot shower, followed by weed blazing
Buyin' breakfast, cheese, eggs and beef bacon
Got dressed, new Nikes out the box
My cousin texts me said he right up the block
Hopped in the whip, went to the barber shop
Laughin' with the old heads, bout how the Eagles got rocked
Back to the crib to chill with my little kid
We hanging out, watching Sid the Science Kid
Check my e-mail, smile like hey now
Brand new beats and, money from Pay-Pal
Transferred the money right to my account and
Soon as it cleared I ordered me an ounce
My son nappin, me and mommy on our own time, alone time
Afternoon the light, it is grown time

[Verse 2]
The sun is set, and dinner is served
Baked chicken, broccoli, pasta with herbs
A glass of wine to settle my nerves
Bout to hit the streets my crew parked on the curb
We meet around 9 at Daves
Kickin it on the porch with an ounce to blaze
Couple glasses of Grey Goose and my J
Im good, let the promoter know, Im on my way
About to get paid, another stage got slayed
Now we walk into these Philly streets, so we can rage
Until the A.M., walk into a warehouse
They playin' Annie up, its Mayhem
Im chillin in a corner thats not well lighted
When I hear the familiar sounds of nitrous
I like it, now I'm smiling like a creep
Today was sweet, now to go home and sleep for a week, peace