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Reef The Lost Cauze【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Your Favorite MC’s Favorite Beats 英文
1.Fk Rappers Remix vs UGK International Player's Anthem ft. Slaine & F.T. (Emynd Blend) (提供)
2.I'm A G vs Gang Starr All 4 The Cash, MOP Cold As Ice & Cam'ron Down n Out (Emynd Ble (提供)
3.Brotherhood vs Styles P My Life (Emynd Blend) (提供)
4.High By Myself vs Mic Geronimo Masta IC (Emynd Blend) (提供)
5.Big Shots vs Smif N Wessun Let's Git it On, Wontime & Bucktown ft. OJ The Uncanny & K (提供)
6.Devil's Advocate vs Jay-Z 1-900-Hustler (Emynd Blend) (提供)
7.Euthanasia vs Birdman What Happened to That Boy ft. Just Allah & Sicknature (Emynd Bl (提供)
8.Mount Up vs Xzibit Paparazzi, Pharcyde Runnin & Erule Listen Up ft. Sabac Red & Wise (提供)
9.Timezones vs Mobb Deep Hell On Earth, Still Shinin & Drop A Gem On Em ft. Outerspace (提供)
10.Kill Somebody vs Cypress Hill How I Could Just Kill A Man (Emynd Blend) (提供)
11.Boxcutter Samurai vs Kool G Rap On The Run (Emynd Blend) (提供)
12.Brain On Drugs vs Wu-Tang Clan Uzi ft. Esoteric (Emynd Blend) (提供)
13.Fk Rappers vs Young Jeezy Put On (Emynd Blend) (提供)
14.100 Rhymebooks (Emynd Cherish The Day Remix) (提供)
Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead 英文
1.Exile On Front Street (提供)
2.Massive Your High
3.Like A Shotgun
4.Dead To Me (提供)
5.Love Is (提供)
6.Houdini (提供)
7.Glass Houses (提供)
8.X's (提供)
9.Death By Radio (提供)
10.Thought Control
11.One Million Miles From Me (提供)
12.No Worries
13.A Tale Of Two Parties
14.Ghost Town (提供)
15.Wit Or Witout
16.Breaking The Chains
The Stress Files 英文
1.So Sharp.. Prod By Stress™
2.Back At It (LIVE)
3.Give It Up (LIVE)
Feast or Famine 英文
1.Fair One Ft. Sean Price
2.Humble Beginnings
3.Sound of Philadelphia
4.How You Lose Your Mind
5.Crown of Thorns
6.Give It Up
7.Already Dead (feat. Chief Kamachi)
8.Two Guns Up
A Vicious Cycle 英文
1.Back At It (提供)
4.I Wonder
5.Thug Fantasy
6.I Ain't No Rapper
7.Big Deal
8.Not That Easy (提供)
9.Listen To Me (提供)
10.Get It? Got It? Good (提供)
11.Upside Down
14.Nat Turner (提供)
15.Bad Lieutenant
16.When You Get Free (提供)
18.Still I Rise (提供)
19.Listen To Me (J.J. Brown Remix) (提供)
20.Get It? Got It? Good (J.J. Brown Remix) (提供)

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