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Stiff Little Fingers


Stiff Little Fingers

Good Luck With That

Gimme all your money
Gimme, gimme everything you got
Gimme all your pension and I'll make you rich
I'll invest the cash for you
You'll do what I tell you to
The thought of all that wealth for you
Is making you twitch
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Yes, I'll give you all something for nothing
Grab a ticket on the greedy train
Lots of zeros at the end of the statement
Yes, it's just that simple
Are you all insane?

Your normal return's four, I'll get you twenty
Good luck with that
Stick with me, we'll all make plenty
Good luck with that
Too late you'll see the cupboards empty
Good luck with that
Ah, yeah… good luck with that

It's really simple
When I tell you what you want to hear
No one else can help you get the profits I can
I'm amazed you're buying this
Cash comes in hand over fist
All I have to do is pay out once in a while
Yes, I'm lying but you still believe it
Even though it's too good to be true
You're making hay when there is no sunshine
You'll find out when we both are through


And when it's over
And it's discovered
I've been in clover
And you won't get none of it back

[Chorus x2]