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Hank Snow


Hank Snow

He'll Understand and Say Well Done

If when you give the best of your service
Telling the world that the Saviour has come
Be not dismayed when men don't believe you
He'll understand and say well done
Misunderstood the Saviour of sinners
Hung on the cross He was God's only son
Oh, hear Him calling His Father in Heaven
Let not my will, but Thine be done.
Oh when I come to the end of my journey
Weary of life and the battle is won
Carrying the staff and the cross of redemption
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He'll understand and say well done

Oh when this life of labor is ended
And the reward of the race you have run
Oh the sweet rest that's prepared for the faithful
Will be his blest and final 'Well done'
But if you try and fail in your trying
Hands sore and scarred from the work you've begun
Take up your cross and run quickly to meet Him
He'll understand, 'He'll say. 'Well done.'


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