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Hank Snow( 漢克史諾 )【 共收藏 30 張專輯, 352 首歌 】
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Railroad Man 英文
1.Waiting For A Train
2.Big Wheels
3.The Last Ride
4.The Streamline Cannonball
5.Ghost Trains
6.Pan American
8.Way Out There
9.Chattanooga Choo Choo
10.The Wreck Of The Number Nine
11.Lonesome Whistle
12.The Crazy Engineer
Just Keep a-Movin' 英文
2.The Owl And I
3.Just Keep A Movin'
4.Chattin' With A Chick In Chattanooga
5.Blue Sea Blues
6.Can't Have You Blues
7.Love's Game Of Let's Pretend
8.Cuba Rhumba
9.Blossoms In The Springtime
10.The Bill Is Falling Due
11.Scale To Measure Love
12.I Can't Control My Heart
The Singing Ranger Vol. 4 英文
1.Paper Roses2.Lonely Train
Hank Snow Sings Sacred Songs 英文
1.My Mother
2.These Things Shall Pass
3.Alphabet Song
4.Invisible Hands
5.I'm in Love With Jesus
6.Pray (提供)
7.Little Children
8.I'm Movin' on to Glory
9.My Religion's Not Old Fashioned (But It's Real Genuine)
10.I'm Glad I'm on the Inside Looking Out
11.Gloryland March
12.He'll Understand and Say Well Done
Hank Snow's Country Guitar 英文
1.Sweet Marie
2.Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)
3.Wabash Blues
4.In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill)
5.Hilo March (提供)
6.Twelfth Street Rag
7.Rainbow Boogie (提供)
8.Madison Madness (提供)
Country & Western Jamboree 英文
1.Born To Lose
2.Among My Souvenirs
3.I Almost Lost My Mind
4.It's Been So Long Darling
5.Poison Love
6.Loose Talk
7.Memories Are Made Of This
8.Wedding Bells
9.Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
10.Singing The Blues
11.These Tears Are Not For You
12.My Life With You (提供)
Old Doc Brown and Other Narrations by Hank Snow 英文
1.Old Doc Brown
2.Old Faithful (Horse's Prayer)
3.What Do I Know Today
4.Lazy Bones
5.First Nighters
6.What Is Father
7.Trouble Trouble Trouble
8.That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
9.Little Britches
10.Blind Boy's Prayer
11.How To Play The Guitar
Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers 英文
1.Mississippi River Blues
2.Why Did You Give Me Your Love
3.Southern Cannonball
4.Treasure Untold
5.My Blue Eyed Jane
6.When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye
7.Jimmie The Kid
8.Anniversary (Blue Yodel No. 7)
Hank Snow Sings 英文
1.Golden River
3.My Little Golden Horseshoe
4.Yodeling Cowboy
5.On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You
6.I Knew That We'd Meet Again
7.Zeb Turner's Gal
8.Confused With The Blues
Country Classics 英文
1.Bluebird Island
2.I'm Movin' On
3.Music Makin' Mama from Memphis
4.The Rhumba Boogie
5.Unwanted Sign upon Your Heart
6.The Golden Rocket
7.Marriage Vow
8.Down on the Trail of Achin' Hearts
When Tragedy Struck 英文
1.Old Shep
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold 英文
1.Wasted Love
Travelin' Blues 英文
1.One Rose
Together Again 英文
1.For Sale
The Singing Ranger 英文
1.The Owl And I
The Singing Ranger Vol. 3 英文
1.Oahu Rose
2.Lili Marlene
3.His Hands
4.Jesus Wept
5.Geisha Girl
6.Galway Bay
The Jimmie Rodgers Story 英文
1.TB Blues
Spanish Fire Ball And Other Great Hank Snow Stylin 英文
1.Adios Amigo
Souvenirs 英文
1.Marriage Vow2.My Mother
Songs Of Tragedy 英文
1.Color Song
My Early Country Favorites 英文
1.Blue Ranger
Legend Of Old Doc Brown 英文
1.Restless One
Hits Hits And More Hits 英文
1.All The Time
Hello Love 英文
1.Why Me
Heartbreak Trail 英文
Gospel Train 英文
1.The Runt
Cure For The Blues 英文
1.Crying Time
暫存2 英文
1.Peach Picking Time Down In Georgia
2.Paving The Highway With Tears
3.How Big Is God
4.Drunkard's Child
5.Bill Is Falling Due
6.Break My Mind
7.Atlantic Coastal Line
8.Face On The Barroom Floor
9.Hobo's Meditation
10.Prisoner's Dream
11.I Wish My Heart Could Talk
12.My San Antonio Mamma
13.Roses In The Snow
14.Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
15.Trouble In Mind
16.She Wears My Ring
17.Tangled Mind
19.T.B. Blues
20.Little Buddy
21.These Hands
22.Moonlight And Skies
23.I'm Movin' In
24.Home Call
25.Good Gal Is Hard To Find
26.My Blue River Rose
27.I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
28.Nobody Knows But Me
29.Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet
30.Cure For The Blues
31.Dangerous Dan Mcgrew
32.Rich Man Am I
33.Melba From Melbourne
34.Heartbreak Trail
35.Everytime I Love Her
36.Sweet Hour Of Prayer
37.Crazy Engineer
38.It Just Happened That Way
40.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
41.Frankie And Johnny
42.Brand On My Heart
43.The Blue Velvet Band
44.Birth Of The Blues
45.Answer To Little Blossom
46.I've Forgotten You
47.Mary Ann Regrets
48.She Was Happy Till She Met You
49.Drunkard's Son
50.Mother The Queen Of My Heart
51.Indian Love Call
52.Down The Old Road To Home
53.Star Spangled Waltz
54.Texas Plains
55.Following The Sun All Day
56.I'm Not At All Sorry For You
57.Nevertheless (i'm In Love With You)
58.You Pass Me By
59.Why Do You Punish Me (for Loving You)
60.Old Rover
61.Little Joe
62.One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)
63.On The Rhythm Range
65.My Little Grass Shack In Kealakua Hawaii
66.Beyond The Reef
67.Miami Snow
68.Me And Bobby Mcgee
69.I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late
70.My Little Ole Home Down In New Orleans
71.You're The Reason
72.There's The Chair
73.El Paso
74.Somewhere My Love
75.Blue Side Of Lonesome
76.Blue Blue Day
77.Just One Of A Kind
78.Springtime In The Rockies
79.Lonesome 7-7203
80.Just Bidin' My Time
81.Down Where The Dark Waters Flow
82.Rocking Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair
83.Now Is The Hour
84.I Have You And That's Enough For Me
85.Roll Along Kentucky Moon
86.Last Thing On My Mind
87.Daisy A Day
88.Tip Of My Fingers
89.Once More You're Mine Again
90.Green Green Grass Of Home
91.Whispering Rain
92.It's Over Over Nothin'
93.Unchained Melody
94.You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May
95.Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud
96.That's You And Me
97.No Letter Today
98.The Cremation Of Sam McGee
99.Trade Winds
暫存1 英文
1.I've Been Everywhere
2.90 Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street)
3.Any Old Time
4.Blue Yodel No. 10
5.Casey Jones Was His Name
6.Crazy Little Train Of Love
7.Cross The Brazos At Waco
8.The Drunkard's Son
9.Gambling Polka Dot Blues
10.The Gold Rush Is Over
11.Golden Rocket
12.Hello Love
13.Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship
14.I Don't Hurt Anymore
15.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
16.Lady's Man
17.Let Me Go Lover
18.My Filipino Rose
19.My Nova Scotia Home
20.Never No Mo' Blues
21.The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin
22.Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)
23.Nobody's Child
24.One More Ride
25.The Streamlined Cannonball
26.The Texas Silver Zephyr
27.This Train
28.Travelin' Blues
29.When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon
30.With This Ring I Thee Wed
31.The Wreck Of The Old 97
32.Yellow Roses
33.You And My Old Guitar
34.90 Miles An Hour
35.Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law (1952)
36.Beggar To A King (1961)
37.The Gal Who Invented Kissing
38.I Went to Your Wedding
39.I'm Sending You Red Roses
40.Ben Dewberry's Final Run
41.Gold Rush Is Over
42.Stolen Moments
43.Come Live With Me
44.I'm Glad I Got To See You Once Again
45.For Now And Always
46.The Goldrush Is Over
48.Miller's Cave
49.Nobodys Child
50.Spanish Fireball
51.The Galveston Rose
52.Now & Then, There's A Fool Such As I
53.Now and Then There's A Fool Such As I
54.The Gal Who Invented Kissin'
55.Hula Rock
56.The Wishing Well (Down in the Well)
57.Between Fire And Water
58.I Heard That Lonesome Whistle
59.I Can't Stop Loving You
60.Wandering On
61.Grandfather's Clock
62.The Hobo's Last Ride
63.Come The Morning
64.Born To Be Happy
65.I'm Moving On
66.Polka Dot Blues
67.Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law
68.North to Chicago
69.My Sweet Texas Bluebonnet Queen
70.The Texas Cowboy
71.Wanderin' On
72.Would You Mind
73.Next Voice You Hear
74.Hobo Bill's Last Ride
75.If I Ever Get Back To Georgia
76.My Arms Are A House
77.Conscience I'm Guilty
79.In The Misty Moonlight
80.Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
81.I Threw Away The Rose
82.Gypsy Feet
83.In Memory Of You Dear Old Pal
84.Engineer's Child
85.In The Jailhouse Now
86.At The Rainbow's End
87.Last Ride
88.Million And One
89.Highest Bidder
90.I'm Sorry We Met
91.My Rough And Rowdy Ways
92.Mama Tried
93.I Ain't Been Anywhere
94.I Really Don't Want To Know
95.Pair Of Broken Hearts
96.Let's Pretend
97.Somewhere Along Life's Highway
98.Hula Love
99.Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
暫存 英文
1.Mysterious Lady From St. Martinique
2.There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
3.Sonny Boy
4.No One Will Ever Know
5.Gentle On My Mind
6.When It's Springtime In Alaska
7.Owl and I
8.Green Green Green
9.Silver Rails
10.Where Has All The Love Gone
11.Bummin' Around
12.Blue Tango
13.I Keep Dreaming Of You All The Time
14.Letter Edged In Black
15.My Adobe Hacienda
16.At The First Fall Of Snow
17.There Wasn't An Organ At Our Wedding
18.Sunday Morning Coming Down
19.Rose Of Old Monterey
20.Message From The Tradewinds
21.Ridin' Home
22.Streamlined Cannonball
23.Like A Bird (Spread My Wings And Fly)
24.Today I Started Loving You Again
25.There Goes My Everything
26.Sweet Dreams
27.Your Little Band Of Gold
28.Put My Little Shoes Away
29.My Religion's Not Old-Fashioned
30.Dear Lord, Remember Me
31.Shop Worn
32.I'm Glad I'm On The Inside
33.I See Jesus
34.I'll Go Marching Into Glory
35.What Then
36.The Lord's Way of Sayin' Goodnight
37.A Man Who Is Wise

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