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Luther Vandross


Luther Vandross

Don't Wanna Be a Fool

Love what have you done
I was sure up to now that she was a friend
I stayed till the end
(don't be a fool again)
I once believed that love was fair
But I don't anymore
She said I'm a bore
My heart hit the floor

Each time around I tell myself
It's the game of love
Ignore the signs and risk it all
In the name of love
Well I decided I can't let nobody hurt me again
So I'll say till the end
I just don't wanna be a fool
Said I don't wanna be a fool ever again

When ever a fool's in love
He doesn't know he's to blame
He's caught in the game
It all ends up the same
(he doesn't feel ashamed)
He looks at love in a different way
It breaks his heart every time
They all turn astray
But he'll never change
(he's never gonna change)

Next time around I'll tell myself
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It'll be better than before
I won't look back
There'll be no one tear my heart up anymore
I just decided I can't let nobody fool me again
So I swear to the end
I just don't wanna be a fool
Said I don't wanna be a fool ever again

I mean no more (never again)
No, never (I can't be a fool)
Can't be, no way, no way, no way
Oo, I don't want to be
I don't want to be a fool
I can't love anybody
Walking on a one-way street
If I don't find somebody
That'll be all right with me
I know it'll be all right
Cause I decided not to let nobody kill me again
So I'll say to the end
I just don't wanna be a fool
Said I don't wanna be a fool ever, ever again
Can't be a fool
Don't wanna be a fool, ever again
Never, no, never, no, never again
Don't wanna be a fool
Can't be a fool


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