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Luther Vandross


Luther Vandross

I Listen to the Bells

Christmas memories still remind me of you
I wanna be closer to you
And I wish you were closer to me
Every song they play this time of year
Every melody that I hear, every minute I wish
I wish you were near

Something's missin', must be you
So I listen when the bells start ringin'
My heart starts singin'

I listen to the bells
And they make me remember
When we were so in love
It was only last year, this time in December
I listen to the bells
And I reminisce
I hear those Christmas bells
But I never knew that I could miss you like this
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Love the lights and everything under the tree
Friends come around
They have a good time
But it's not a party for me
Call up Santa
Tell him that I've been blue
Tell him it's hard for me
It's been a blue holiday, 'cause I'm missin' you

I keep wishin', wondering if you'll think of me
So I listen when the bells start ringin'
My heart starts singin'

Something's missin', must be you
So I listen when the bells start ringin'
My heart starts singin'


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