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Sahara (English Version)

[** iTunes Bonus Track:]
[** feat. Koshi Inaba:]

(Hey Hey Hey....)*

Noises from the street
Stains on the wall
Secretly meeting behind it all
Voices from the heart
Heat on the velvet skin
Classic dancer's sign
Lighting up the sky

Sorry, I don't remember anything about you (anything about you)
Everything is gone now
And I'll set you free (I'll set you free)
(Oh) What I made of
Just looking like a loser to me

(Hey Hey Hey....)

I know it was you who fell asleep first
There was nothing new breaking the silent peace
You know it was me all talking no action
I just wonder why you stayed with me

Sorry, I don't remember anything about you (anything about you)
Everything is gone now
What am I gonna do? (What can I do?)
(Oh) This time it's got me down
Baby I've gotta see you through
(Ohhh Yeah!!)

(Ahh Ahh Ahh)
Some kind of jealous guy but I was never losing my mind?(losing my mind)
Whatever it took inside, I wanted to tie you down and make you mine

(HEY!! YEAH!!)

(Oh) Sorry, I don't remember anything about you (anything about you)
Blown up and gone now
Ain't nothing new (Ain't nothing new)

(Oh) Can't do this anymore
Lying to myself
I can't let go... about anything about you (anything about you)
Everything is ruined
Got nothing to lose (nothing to lose)
(Uh) Gotta let you know
You're the only one to save my soul

(Hey Hey Hey....)


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