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SLASH( Slash's Snakepit )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 197 首歌 】
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World On Fire 英文
1.World on Fire
2.Shadow Life
3.Automatic Overdrive
4.Wicked Stone
5.30 Years to Life
6.Bent to Fly
7.Stone Blind
8.Too Far Gone
9.Beneath the Savage Sun
10.Withered Delilah
12.Dirty Girl
13.Iris of the Storm
15.The Dissident
16.Safari Inn (提供)
17.The Unholy
Made in Stoke 24/7/11 英文
1.Been There Lately
2.Night Train
3.Mean Bone
4.Rocket Queen (提供)
5.Civil War
6.Speed Parade
7.Beggars & Hangers On
9.Godfather Solo (提供)
10.Sweet Child O' Mine
12.Mr. Brownstone
末日之愛 - 影音豪華盤(Apocalyptic Love) 英文
1.Apocalyptic Love
2.One Last Thrill
3.Standing In The Sun
4.You're A Lie
5.No More Heroes
7.We Will Roam
9.Not For Me
10.Bad Rain
11.Hard & Fast
12.Far And Away
13.Shots Fired
15.Crazy Life
You're A Lie (Single) 英文
1.You're A Lie (Single)
Apocalyptic Love 英文
1.Apocalyptic Love
2.One Last Thrill
3.Standing in the Sun
4.You're a Lie
5.No More Heroes
7.We Will Roam
9.Not for Me
10.Bad Rain
11.Hard & Fast
12.Far and Away
13.Shots Fired
15.Crazy Life
Slash 英文
2.Crucify the Dead
3.Beautiful Dangerous
4.Back from Cali
6.By the Sword
8.Doctor Alibi
9.Watch This (提供)
10.I Hold On
11.Nothing to Say
13.Saint is a Sinner Too
14.We're All Gonna Die
15.Mother Maria (feat. Beth Hart)
16.Paradise City (feat. Fergie & Cypress Hill)
SAHARA~feat.稻葉浩志 日英
1.SAHARA~feat.稻葉浩志2.パラダイス シティ~feat.ファ一ギ一&サイプレス ヒル
Live at the Roxy 25.09.2014, Vol. 2 英文
1.Bent to Fly - Ao Vivo
2.Starlight - Ao Vivo
3.World on Fire - Ao Vivo
4.Anastasia - Ao Vivo
5.Sweet Child O'mine - Ao Vivo
6.Paradise City - Ao Vivo
Apocalyptic Love (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) 英文
1.One Last Thrill - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
2.Halo - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
3.Far and Away - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
4.Shots Fired - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
iTunes Session 英文
1.Fall to Pieces (iTunes Session)
2.Rocket Queen (iTunes Session)
3.Fall to Pieces
Made In Stoke 24/7/11 [Live] 英文
1.Been There Lately (Live)
2.Mr. Brownstone (Live)
3.By the Sword (Live)
4.Patience (Live)
5.Beggars & Hangers On (Live)
6.Speed Parade (Live)
7.Promise (Live)
8.Starlight (Live)
9.Nothing to Say (Live)
10.Civil War (Live)
11.Back from Cali (Live)
12.Mean Bone (Live)
13.Nightrain (Live)
Live At The Roxy 09.25.14 英文
1.Ghost - Live
2.Nightrain (Live)
3.You're Crazy (Live)
4.Paradise City - Live
5.Slither - Live
6.Sweet Child O' Mine - Live
7.Rocket Queen - Live
8.Doctor Alibi - Live
9.You Could Be Mine - Live
Made In Stoke (Ao Vivo) 英文
1.Ghost (Ao Vivo)
2.Mr. Brownstone (Ao Vivo)
3.By The Sword (Ao Vivo)
4.Sweet Child O' Mine (Ao Vivo)
5.Doctor Alibi (Ao Vivo)
6.Promise (Ao Vivo)
7.Starlight (Ao Vivo)
8.Civil War (Ao Vivo)
9.Rocket Queen (Ao Vivo)
10.Paradise City (Ao Vivo)
Nothing Left To Fear OST 英文
1.Nothing Left To Fear
Beautiful Dangerous / Mother Maria [Digital 45] 英文
1.Mother Maria*2.Beautiful Dangerous
暫存 英文
1.Baby Can't Drive
2.Sahara (English Version)
3.Paradise City
4.Dime Store Rock
5.Monkey Chow
6.Be the Ball
7.Good to Be Alive
8.What Do You Want to Be
9.Back and Forth Again
10.Soma City Ward
11.Neither Can I
12.Beggars and Hangers-On
13.I Hate Everybody (But You)
15.Doin' Fine
16.Mother Maria
18.Back To The Moment
19.Life's Sweet Drug
20.The Truth
21.Just Like Anything
23.Serial Killer
24.The Alien
25.Take It Away
26.Ain't Life Grand
27.Ghost - feat. Ian Astbury
28.We're All Gonna Die - feat. Iggy Pop
29.Saint Is A Sinner - feat. Rocco DeLuca
30.Starlight - feat. Myles Kennedy
31.Nothing To Say - feat. M. Shadows
32.I Hold On - feat. Kid Rock
33.Gotten - feat. Adam Levine
34.By The Sword - feat. Andrew Stockdale or Wolfmother
35.Beautiful Dangerous - feat. Fergie
36.Crucify The Dead - feat. Ozzy Osbourne
37.Paradise City - feat. Fergie and Cypress Hill
38.Starlight - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators; Live at Spotify, London
39.Bent To Fly - feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators; Live at Spotify, London
40.Back From Cali - Live from New York
41.Standing In The Sun - Live from New York
42.No More Mr. Nice Guy (Recrecorded)
43.Back From Cali - feat. Myles Kennedy
44.30 years to life (bonus track)
45.Wicked stone (bonus track)
46.You're crazy (bonus track)
47.Stone blind (bonus track)
48.You could be mine
50.Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie) (edit)
51.Obsession Confession
52.Fall To Pieces - Live / Acoustic
53.Nightrain - Live From Manchester
54.Starlight (Acoustic Spotify Sessions)
55.Sweet Child O'Mine (Acoustic Spotify Sessions)
56.30 Years To Life (Live)
57.You're a Lie (Live)
58.Anastasia (Live)
59.Fall to Pieces (acoustic version)
60.Communication Breakdown
61.Sucker Train Blues
62.Fall to Pieces (live)
63.World On Fire (Live)
64.Bent to Fly (Live)
65.Wicked Stone (Live)
66.Stone Blind (Live)
67.Halo (Live)
68.Carolina (Bonus Track)
69.Crazy Life (Bonus Track)
70.Nightrain - Ao Vivo

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