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The Everly Brothers


The Everly Brothers

Living too Close to the Ground

作詞:Don Everly

Listen and hear each word
Stop or you'll miss the birds
They sing in the top of the trees
Sometimes when you look, you can't see
But up there you will know that its round
You're living too close to the ground

Come where the lights are grand
Leave now without a plan
You can get away if you choose
Confess it, you've nothing to lose
And I can show you where it's found
You're living too close to the ground

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Rush so you'll pass it by
Don't let it catch your eye
Don't stop you might look a fool
Standing with love in your eyes
Trying hard to believe what you've found
You're living too close to the ground

I once held her close to me
Listened and heard her breathe
Just like I have done all my life
Her heart was the image of mine
Ah, but my wings just couldn't be found
I was living too close to the ground


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