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The Everly Brothers


The Everly Brothers

Somebody Nobody Knows

作詞:Kristoffer Kristofferson

Alone in a barroom, a young girl is sitting
And smiling at nothing at all
And she stares now and then at the eyes of the men
In the mirror that hangs on the wall

She's waiting for someone and knowing there's no one
Who cares if she comes or she goes
Just a soul in the shadows the world never sees
She's somebody nobody knows

Someone no one's ever known
Cryin' where no one can hear
Somebody's dyin' alone
In a city where nobody cars

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Down in the gutter, an old man had fallen
Like someone the world threw away
And the late crowd was leaving and nobody even
Took time to look down where he lay

The old man was crying and helplessly tryin'
To wipe off the stain from his clothes
Just a soul in the shadows that life left behind
He's somebody nobody knows

Someone no one's ever known
Cryin' where no one can hear
Somebody's dying alone
In a city where nobody cares
In a city where nobody cares


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