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The Beach Boys

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The Beach Boys

Country Fair

作詞:Brian Wilson/Gary Usher
作曲:Brian Wilson/Gary Usher

This time each year in our hometown
The county fair comes our way
Where the folks gather round to be happy and spend their day
A-here's what happened now,
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I soon decide that I'd take with me
The most specialest girl I knew
I had her pack us a lunch and on down the dirt road we flew

(Hurry hurry, step right up and win your girl a stuffed koala bear)
[Aw, come on Nicky. Win me a koala bear]
(Break the balloon with a dart)
(Yes you son, come up here. Win your girl a stuffed koala bear)
[Oh please win me a koala bear]
(Break the balloon with a dart. Come on son, step right up)
(Get up there, that's a boy)

Right then I knew what I had to do
Before that day was through
I had to win a stuffed doggie or I'd break her poor heart in two
(Win a prize)
A let me tell you now,
I passed up a chance when I walked by a booth
Where you throw a dart and break a balloon
I snuck by a couple more, but I had to get caught real soon
(Win a prize)

(Step right up, test your strength.)
(Come on son, ring the bell with the hammer)
[Aww, come on muscles]
(Win your girl a stuffed koala bear)
(Come on son, are you a man or a weakling?)
(Yes you, step up here and test your strength)
(Win your girl a stuffed koala bear)
[Come on baby]
(Come on son)

I hit the rubber stump just as hard as I could
But I didn't make it ring the bell
I tried again and again, but I just didn't do so well
(Win a prize)
Can you believe it now,
Up walked a fella and he tapped me on the shoulder, said
I can win your girl a prize
So, he flexed all his muscles and knocked the bell up in the sky
(Win a prize)

Yeah the big strong guy knocked the bell in the sky
Took my girl and the doggie away
Yeah the big strong guy knocked the bell in the sky
Took my girl and the doggie away
Yeah the big strong guy knocked the bell in the sky
Took my girl and the doggie away


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