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The Beach Boys( 海灘男孩 )



【 Hits over Hits 】【 英文 】【 2017-01 】


2.Surfin' Safari

3.Country Fair

4.Ten Little Indians


6.Fun, Fun, Fun

7.Little Girl (You're My Miss America)

8.Cherry, Cherry Coupe

9.We'll Run Away

10.A Young Man Is Gone

11.Little Honda

12.Heads You Win, Tails I Lose

13.The Rocking Surfer (提供)

14.In My Room

15.Lana (提供)

16.Pom Pom Play Girl (提供)

17.Your Summer Dream (提供)

18.The Warmth of the Sun (提供)

19.Farmer's Daughter (提供)

20.Cassius Love Vs. Sonny Wilson (提供)

21.Keep an Eye on Summer (提供)

22.Car Crazy Cutie (提供)

23.Girls on the Beach (提供)

24.The Wanderer (提供)

25.Carl's Big Chance (提供)

26.Boogie Woodie (提供)

27.The Surfer Moon (提供)

28.Our Favorite Recording Sessions (提供)

29.The Shift (提供)

30.Shut Down, Part II (提供)

31.Lonely Sea (提供)

32.Cuckoo Clock (提供)

33.Stoked (提供)

34.Graduation Day (提供)

35.409 (提供)

36.Denny's Drums (提供)

37.All Summer Long (提供)

38.Honky Tonk (提供)

39.In The Parkin' Lot (提供)

40.I Get Around (提供)

41.Why Do Fools Fall in Love (提供)

42.Finders Keepers (提供)

43.Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (提供)

44.Spirit of America (提供)

45.Let's Go Trippin' (提供)

46.South Bay Surfer (The Old Folks at Home) (提供)

47.Be True to Your School (提供)

48.Surfin' U.S.A. (提供)

49.Little Deuce Coupe (提供)

50.Summertime Blues (提供)

51.Long Tail Texan (提供)

52.Our Car Club (提供)

53.Surfer Girl (提供)

54.Moon Dawg (提供)

55.Do You Remember (提供)

56.Monster Mash (提供)

57.Don't Back Down (提供)

58.Chug-A-Lug (提供)

59.Hawaii (提供)

60.Drive-In (提供)