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The All-American Rejects


The All-American Rejects

Blead Into Your Mind

The All‐American Rejects

How long has it been since I ripped you
These paper cut hands need to stop
And lonely's a plague but it skipped you
I suffer till you cut me up

Then I bleed into your mind
I need to make you blind
I bleed into your mind
I need you one last time

Well you put yourself together
Pieces of you slipped away
And some are forever whenever
Put me on my knees at your feet and

Then I bleed into your mind
I need to make you blind
I bleed into your mind
I need you one last time
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Never forgive me, I can not forgive you
Yeah I feel you full of little lies
You're still hungry for the truth
And I know we've got our problems
Let's just try to solve them

In your mind I stay with you
I know in time you'll feel it to

Then I bleed into your mind
I need to make you blind
I bleed into your mind
I need you one last

Then I bleed into your mind
With a love that will make you blind
I bleed into your mind
I need you one last


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