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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The All-American Rejects( 全美反對陣線 )
The All-American Rejects( 全美反對陣線 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 167 首歌 】
全美反對陣線(The All-American Rejects)是由Tyson Ritter和Nick Wheeler於2000年在美國奧克拉荷馬州斯蒂爾沃特發起的四人樂團。樂團在2005年發行的專輯 Move Along 獲得雙白金成績。


2001年夏天,該團發行了EP《Same Girl, New Songs》並開始在美國中西部巡迴演出。 Mike Kennerty和Chris Gaylor於2002年加入樂團。 2003年,發行同名專輯《The All-American Rejects》。
2005年-2006年:專輯《Move Along》(進行曲)

2005年7月12日,發行第二張專輯《Move Along》 ,其中包括單曲 'Dirty Little Secret' 。
2007年-2009年:專輯《When the World Comes Down》(傾城傳說)

2008年12月16日,發行第三張專輯《When the World Comes Down》。當中的單曲'Gives You Hell'先在2008年10月8日發行,此單曲在2009年的billboard.com的流行曲類別、iTunes上取得第一名,同時成為2009年iTunes上最多下載的第五名。
2010年至今:專輯《Kids in the Street》(無家可歸的小孩)

2012年3月27日,發行第四張專輯《Kids in the Street》。據主唱Tyson Ritter指,這張專輯和他們過去的有很大的分別。


Tyson Ritter – 主唱,貝斯,鋼琴
Nick Wheeler – 吉他手,和聲歌手,鍵盤
Mike Kennerty – 吉他手,和聲歌手
Chris Gaylor – 鼓手,打擊樂器
Kevin 'Toad' Saulnier – 鍵盤
Ello Hibert – 營銷
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
There's a Place (Single) 英文
1.There's a Place
Kids in the Street 英文
1.Fast and Slow
2.Out the Door
4.Beekeeper's Daughter
5.Bleed into Your Mind
7.I For You
8.Heartbeat Slowing Down
9.Kids in the Street
10.Someday's Gone
11.Walk Over Me
Beekeeper's Daughter (Single) 英文
1.Beekeeper's Daughter (Single)
When the World Comes Down 英文
Interscope Records
1.I Wanna
2.Fallin' Apart
3.Damn Girl
4.Gives You Hell
5.Mona Lisa
7.Another Heart Calls
8.Real World
9.Back To Me
11.The Wind Blows
12.Bonus Track (提供)
Move Along 英文
1.Dirty Little Secret
2.Stab My Back
3.Move Along
4.It Ends Tonight
5.Change Your Mind
6.Night Drive
7.11:11 PM(Cst)
8.Dance Inside
9.Top Of The World
10.Straitjacket Feeling
11.I'm Waiting
12.Can't Take It
13.Eyelash Wishes
The All-American Rejects 英文
1.My Paper Heart
2.Your Star
3.Swing, Swing
4.Time Stands Still
5.One More Sad Song
6.Why Worry
7.Don't Leave Me
8.Too Far Gone
9.Drive Away
10.Happy Endings
11.The Last Song
Same Girl New Songs 英文
1.One More Sad Song
2.Drive Away
3.Too Far Gone
4.Don't Leave Me
5.Her Name Rhymes With Mindy
7.Pillsbury Doughgirl
8.She Mannequin
9.Girl Of My Dreams
The Blue Album 英文
1.Teacher, I Love You
When The World Comes Down (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.The Wind Blows (Steve Aoki Hurricane Remix)
2.Gives You Hell
3.Real World
5.Back to Me
6.Another Heart Calls
7.Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down)
8.Damn Girl
9.Fallin' Apart
10.I Wanna
11.Real World (Demo)
12.Fallin' Apart (Demo)
13.Damn Girl (Demo)
14.I Wanna (Demo)
15.Sunshine (Hidden Track)
17.The Wind Blows
The Bite Back EP 英文
1.Bite Back
2.Dirty Little Secret (Acoustic Version)
3.Move Along (Acoustic Version)
4.Bite Back (B-Side)
B-Sides & Rarities 英文
1.It's My Life
2.Mona Lisa (live)
3.Time Stands Still (live)
4.Swing Swing (acoustic)
暫存 英文
1.She's My Girlfriend Now
2.Fast & Slow
3.Heartbeat Slowing Down (Zak Waters remix)
4.On The Floor (Demo)
5.Here I Sit (Demo)
6.Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down)
8.Night Drive (Acoustic)
9.Kiss Yourself Goodbye
10.11:11 P.M.
11.Straightjacket Feeling
12.Time Still Stands
13.The Cigarette Song (Acoustic)
14.The Slut I See (Intro) (提供)
15.I'm On The Football Team
16.One More Sad Song (EP)
17.Too Far Gone (EP)
18.Your Star (EP)
19.Drive Away (EP)
20.Don't Leave Me (EP)
22.Swing Swing Swing
23.Paper Heart
24.dirty little secrets
25.Jack's Lament
26.The Real World
27.The Cigarette Song
28.The Future Has Arrived
29.Time Stands Still.mp3
30.Why Worry.mp3
31.I Can't Take It (El Camino Prom Wagon Mix)
32.When The Wind Blows
33.Sierra's Song
34.The Poison
35.Happy Endings.mp3
36.One More Sad Song.mp3
37.Your Star.mp3
38.My Paper Heart.mp3
39.The Last Song.mp3
40.On The Floor
41.Here I Sit
43.Heartbeat Slowing Down (Flatline Version)
44.P.S. I Love You
45.Night Drive - Acoustic Version
46.Eyelash Wishes - Non-LP Version
47.Dirty Little Secret - Live Version
48.Swing, Swing (Live Version)
49.Move Along (Live Version)
50.Swing, Swing - Napster Acoustic Session
51.Gives You Hell (Live from London)
52.I Wanna (Discotech Remix)
53.It Ends Tonight - Live From The Wiltern
54.The Cigarette Song (Acoustic Version)
55.Too Far Gone (Bedroom Demo Session Version)
56.My Paper Hearrt
57.It Ends Tonight (Edit Version)
58.It Ends Tonight (acoustic studio version)
59.Move Along (live From Tournado)
61.The Wind Blows (Steve Aoki Hurricane mix)
63.I'm Waiting (live)
65.The Girlfriend Song
67.Mrs. Bundy
68.Top of the World (live From the Wiltern)
69.Night Drive (live From the Wiltern)
70.Drive Away (EP version)
71.It Ends Tonight (acoustic)
72.Dirty Little Secret (acoustic)
73.Gives You Hell (Limousine remix)
74.Do Me Right
75.Fast & Slow (demo)
76.Blead Into Your Mind
77.Fast And Slow (Demo)
78.Drown Next to Me
79.Someday's Gone (demo)
80.Walk Over Me (Jeff Bhasker vs. Tyler Johnson Remix)
81.Can't Take It (El Camino Prom Wagon mix)
83.Close Your Eyes

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