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John Hiatt


John Hiatt

Tip Of My Tongue

An empty house
Is the only thing standin'
Between our lives
And the speed of sound

Some words flew out
And made a crash landin'
No love survived
Not a trace could be found

I broke your heart
With the back of my mind
From the tip of my tongue
To the end of the line

I walked away
And you stood there tremblin'
Like a leaf
In the autumn chill

Now this house won't say, no
What i'm still rememberin'
Three angry words
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And a love that they killed


You couldn't say how much it hurt you
And i couldn't see the damage i'd done
'til i watched the greatest love i've known
All come down to a slip of the tongue

Well i'd take it back
But time won't let me
No, time just takes
You further away

I watched you pack
A house full of memories
Where did you go
Lord, what did i say?



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