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John Hiatt


John Hiatt

Learning How to Love You

I'm thirty four years old now and I've come to you
Baby, I don't even know how I got through

From the first kiss in the schoolyard
Till the last heart broke in two
I didn't know it would be so hard
Learning how to love you

There was a life that I was living
In some cracked rear view
Where no future was given
To a heart untrue

Still I thought that I was so strong
That my will could force me through
I didn't know it would be so long
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Learning how to love you

I might have never realized the courage in your kiss
And the sweet forgiveness in your eyes

Babe, I know you've walked a mile
In someone else's shoes
Maybe you've left some faces smiling
Walking off your blues

And I don't pretend to know how
You ever saw it through
'Cause I only got to where I am now
Learning how to love you


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