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John Hiatt


John Hiatt

They All Leave Town

Sometime, when we all show up
---'s got a pickup truck
They come down here to get some kinda degree
At a little southern University
From New Jersey and Delaware
Funny clothes and funny hair
Those northern girls like to cut loose
When you're spitting that tobacco juice
Oh, but they all leave town
When summer rolls around
I really miss those kids
All that higher education we did

The local women got no teeth
my -- they all gotta be
Three kids and one on the way
But it's the same thing everyday

Don't go telling my sweet Loiuse
I've been seeing no college girl, please
That'd really make her jump and shout
Daddy get his shotgun out

Aw, when they all leave town
when summer rolls around
I do what I'm told
For three months I'm good as gold
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Ah, but they're back next fall
I can't wait to see 'em all
Little girls in their brand new shoes
They can't wait to hear my sing the blues

I hope y'all remember me
Not as this dirty redneck you see
But one who still serves higher learning today
Just in a low down kinda way
I'm feeling guilty so I must confess
One thing about it give me no rest
I hate to hear 'em call my name
'cause that yankee accent drive a man insane

Aw, but they all leave town
when summer rolls around
I cool off in the shade
Drink my lemonade
Maybe they all laugh at me
In Deleware and New Jersey
But they can do just what they please
Pass the cornbread, sweet Louise

And they all leave town...


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