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Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton

Little Blossoms

Oh dear i'm so tired and so lonesome
I wonder why mommy don't come
She told me to shut up my blue eyes
And before i woke up she'd be home

She said she was going to see grandma
Who lives by the river so wide
And i guess my mommy's feeling bad
And perhaps she won't be home tonight

So i guess i'll go down and meet daddy
Perhaps he has stopped at the store
It's a great big store full of bottles
And i wish he wouldn't go there anymore

So out in the night with the baby
Her little heart beating with pride
'til her tired feet entered the gin palace
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With music all radiant with light

Oh daddy she cried as she reached him
I think that the music's so sweet
But it's almost suppertime daddy
Little blossom wants something to eat

A moment his blurred eyes gazed wildly
Down into her face sweet and fair
And as the demon possessed him
He grasped at the back of a chair

A moment a second was over
He lifted her fair golden head
A moment the baby's left trembled
Then poor little blossom was dead


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