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Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton


The bridge so high the bridge so tall here is where it's started on bridge
The moon is big and yellow and the stars're all aglow
From the bridge I see reflection in the waters far below
You kissed me for the first time here held me awfully tight
And the bridge became our favorite place we came here often in the night
One night while standing on the bridge desire swept through a spoke
Passion took us by the hand and showed us where to go
From the bridge we saw a meadow so we ran together there
Where we found love together hurry motions filled the air
The bridge so wide the bridge so long
Where once we stood together tonight I stand alone
Tonight while standing on the bridge my heart is beating wild
To think that you could leave me here with our unborn child
My feet are moving slowly closer to the edge
Here is where it's started and here is where I'll end it


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