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R. Kelly


R. Kelly

Love Letter (Prelude)

Dear Ladies, Dear Ladies*
It's ya boy January
And I would like to welcome all of you to the Love Letter Allllbum

Now this album is dedicated to the girls who stood beside me
And even all the bootleggers that couldn't afford to buy me

Even the ones who wants to have my baby
This is my love letter to youuuuuuuuu


R. Kelly
1.I Belive I Can Fly
2.Feelin On Your Booty
3.Feelin' On Yo Booty (Hypnosis Mix)
4.Sex Me (Part â.¡) [Extended Street Version]
5.Been Around The World (Feat Ja Rule)
6.Bump N Grind - Old School Mix
7.Forever And Ever
8.More And More
9.One Day On This Earth
10.Dollar Bill (Featuring Foxy Brown)
11.Snake (ft. Tigger)
12.R. Kelly - Loveland
13.Did You Ever Think - Remix
14.In the Kitchen (Remix)
15.I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) [Remix Radio Version]
16.You Saved Me
17.Pause (Flash)
18.Same Girl Triple Up Remix
19.If I could turn back
20.Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 3)
21.Move Your Body Like A Snake Ma
22.Sex Me (Remix)
23.Turn Back The Hands Of Time
24.Bump N Grind (LP Version)
25.The Real R. Kelly
26.In the Kitchen
28.Hotel (Vacation Remix) [Radio Edit]
29.What Do I Do
30.Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 10 of 12)
31.Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ) [After the Party's Over / Singin' Mix]
32.Hit It Til the Mornin
33.Thoia Thoing (Remix) (Featuring Busta Rhymes & Baby)
34.You Remind Me
35.I'm Your Angel (Duet With Celine Dion)
36.Kickin' It With You Girlfriend
37.Burn It Up feat.Wisin & Yondell
38.3-Way Phone Call featuring Kelly Price, Kim Burrell and Maurice Mahon
39.Don't Let Go
40.Slow Wind (Remix)
41.Thoia Thong
42.I wish(To The Homies That We Lost)
43.R. Kelly - Feeling On Your Booty
44.R. Kelly - Half On A Baby
45.R[1]. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Part 2)
46.Apologies Of A Thug
47.Be Careful (Ft. Sparkle)
48.Let Your Light Shine
50.Hey Love
51.You to Be Be Happy
52.Language Of Love
53.This Ain't Just No Sex
55.Love Letter (Prelude) (修改)
56.How Do I Tell Her
57.You Are Not Alone
58.Steppin' in the Name of Love
61.Seems like your ready
62.Wanna Make A Baby
65.At The Same Time
66.Might Be Mine
67.Son Of A Bitch
68.Freaky Sensation
69.Two Seater
70.Playas Get Lonely
71.Trapped In The Closet'Chapter 5of5'
72.Trapped In The Closet 'chapter 4 Of 5'
73.Trapped In The Closet Ch.1
74.Trapped In The Closet Ch.2
75.Right Back
77.Throw This Money on You
78.Snake (Remix)
79.Spend That
80.Legs Shakin'
81.Crazy Sex
82.Shut Up
83.Every Position
84.Show Ya Pussy
86.Tear It Up
88.My Story
90.Marry the Pussy
91.All the Way
92.You Deserve Better
93.Intro - the Sermon

Honey Tree Love Oblada Obladi Pray The Glory Redneck Turn A Round Round Five More Hours Everyone Go Just You Gotta Say I Oh My Life We Won't Never Let You Go I Am Trying Trying Trying You Are Not Listen To You Give I Will Nor Bow Down I No Way S Who You Tomorrowland Sixteen Slang Garden An Autumn I'm Sorry But Now Closing To You