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R. Kelly


R. Kelly

Trapped In The Closet'Chapter 5of5'

And now, I'm like
Well, well, well
What the fuck is this
A condom in my bed
Ya better start talkin, bitch
'Fore I take a match and
Burn this muthafucka down
I said you better start talkin
And start talkin right damn now
Then she said baby
I'm so speechless
Then I said my baby
You gone be breathless
If ya dont start talkin quick
Woman, I'm gone have a fit
You dont know what ya fuckin wit
Girl ya better cut the bull shit
Now its obvious somebody has been all up in my home
In my bed, and plus I smell cigarettes
Now I'm sniffin and lookin around
Suspicious like someone's here
Then I looked in her eyes and in her eyes
There was so much fear
Pull out my gun said is he still here
She shook her head and said naw
I'm checkin behind every door
She cried out he left right after you called
I said what the fuck was you thinkin
You thought that I wouldnt find this out
Then I said you must be crazy or on crack to have somebody off up in my muthafuckin house
She hopped up and said thats enough
She said I cant take no more
And then she said you made your point
But now its time to even the score
She said I know all about last night
And where you went when you left the club
Said thats right, nigga I was there
Wit this guy in the back of the club
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I said I thought you was wit yo girls
She said I thought you was wit yo guys
She said you was at that bitch house
And dont even try to act suprised
Said bae, she said shut up
Dont you say a word
It aint nothin you can say
That I aint already heard
Then I said woman, dont you try to turn it all around
Cause the fact still remains that someone else was in my house
Then she said you're right about that
Somethin did go down, but I dont have to turn it around
Cause what goes around comes back around
I'm movin a little closer to her
She's trippin over the furniture
She said wait first, just let me explain
I said no need to, just give me his name
And then she said uh...uh
I say uh what
She said please sit down in a chair
And I say no, I'm standin up
And she cries out I'm so scared to tell you because of what ya might do
And I screamed look girl you better give me this man's name and I'm not playin wit you
She says okay, wipes her nose and asks me about a girl named Tina
I thought to myself, said it sound familiar
I said I probably know her if I seen her
Then I say anyway girl, what the hell does that got to do with this man
She said he know my girl Roxanne
I said who the hell is Roxanne
Then she says Roxanne's a friend of mine who know with this guy named Chuck
Chuck's cool wit this guy name Rufus
And I'm sittin here like what the fuck
Then she says Rufus wife, Kathy
We both went to high school
She introduced me to
The policeman that stopped you


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