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In Memoriam Margaret Thatcher 英文
1.So Long, So Long (提供)
2.Pinochet Bids Farewell From Beyond The Grave (提供)
3.The Day The Lady Died (提供)
4.Ring The Bells! (提供)
5.Waiting For Margaret To Go (提供)
2.Voices, That's All
4.Wagner At The Opera
6.Torturing James Hetfield
7.The Devil's Interval
8.Hammer Stirrup & Anvil
9.Puccini Said
10.That Same So-So Tune
11.Singing Out The Days
12.You Don't Exist
13.The Song Collector
16.New York Song
17.Dance, Idiot, Dance
18.Voices, That's All
The Boy Bands Have Won 英文
1.When An Old Man Dies (提供)
2.Add Me
3.Words Can Save Us
4.Hull Or Hell
5.El Fusilado
7.I Wish That They'd Sack Me
8.Word Bomber
9.All Fur Coat & No Knickers
10.Fine Line (提供)
11.Lord Batemans Motorbike
12.A Fine Career
13.To A Little Radio Right Around The World
14.Sing About Love
15.Bury Me Deep
16.You Watched Me Dance
17.Compliments Of Your Waitress
18.R.I.P. RP
20.The Ogre (After WH Auden)
22.Same Old Same Old
23.Waiting For The Bus
24.What We Want (提供)
Readymades 英文
1.Song for Len Shackleton2.Without Reason or Rhyme (The Killing of Harry Stanley)
1.She's Got All The Friends
Tubthumper 英文
3.Creepy Crawling
4.Drip Drip Drip
5.I Want More
6.Mary Mary
7.May Day (提供)
8.One By One
11.Seven Days
13.The Big Issue
14.The Good Ship Lifestyle
15.Top Of The World (Olé Olé Olé)
16.Farewell To The Crown
17.Football Song
Swingin' with Raymond 英文
1.Hey! You! Outside Now!
2.Just Look At Me Now
3.Never Let Go
4.Not The Girl I Used To Be
6.Salome (Let's Twist Again)
7.This Dress Kills
8.This Girl
9.Ugh! Your Ugly Houses! (提供)
10.Waiting, Shouting
11.The Morning After (The Night Before)
12.Love Can Knock You Over
13.All Mixed Up
Showbusiness! 英文
1.The Day The Nazi Died2.Rappaport's Testament: I Never Gave Up
Anarchy 英文
1.Bad Dog
2.Enough Is Enough
4.Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
7.Love Me
8.Mouthful Of Shit
9.Never Do What You Are Told
11.This Year's Thing
13.On Being Pushed (提供)
14.Blackpool Rock (提供)
15.Doh! (提供)
Never Mind The Ballots 英文
2.Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To Hear
3.Come On Baby (Let's Do The Revolution)
4.Mr. Heseltine Meets His Public
5.The Candidates Find Common Ground
6.The Wasteland
7.Today's Sermon
8.Come On Baby
9.Here's The Rest Of Your Life
Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records 英文
2.British Colonialism And The Bbc
4.Commercial Break
5.Dutiful Servants And Political Masters
6.How To Get Your Band On Television
8.More Whitewashing
9.An Interlude-Beginning To Take It Back
10....And In A Nutshell
Get On With It: Live 英文
1.Buy Nothing Day (Live)
2.William Francis (Live)
3.Hanging On the Old Barbed Wire (Live)
4.On eBay (Live)
5.Learning to Love (Live)
6.Timebomb (Live)
7.Jacob's Ladder (Live)
8.By & By (Live)
9.Song On the Times (Live)
10.Bella Ciao (Live)
暫存4 英文
1.52. Where Did the Chinaman Go?
2.12. How Dare They Call It Football?
3.28. Karl Marx Never Made The Squad
4.88. Hurling and Imperialism
5.7. Punch Drunk
6.91. School Team
7.59. Graham Hill
8.76. Bob Beamon
9.78. Yup and Under
10.41. Amereicha
11.53. For Those of You Watching in Black and White
12.65. Indoor League
13.15. Drugs
14.73. The Choice Is Yours
15.79. Australian Rules Football
16.11. Heysel Stadium
17.26. Horses For Courses
18.74. Awesome Wheels
19.49. Armchair Sport
20.95. Tubby Barlow
21.2. Chelsea's Back Four
22.92. Eddie The Eagle
23.45. Sporting Ties
24.51. Lost In Rome
25.69. Jos
26.82. Polo
27.39. Bowls
28.89. Mad Max
29.72. Not Sport
30.31. Shin-Paring
31.43. The Tennis Racket
32.54. The Englishman Abroad
33.6. The Bowler's Botha, The Batsman's Gooch
34.48. All's Well At Oakwell
35.50. Forgotten
36.23. The Fun In Games
37.99. Back Home
38.8. Walking the Penine Way
39.63. Tills Ring, Crowds Cheer!
40.1. Good Afternoon and Welcome to White Hart Lane
41.27. That Golden Era
42.86. One-Sided Game
43.61. Gobsmacked
44.24. Games Were Fun
45.57. In Praise of Sumo
46.17. On the Beach
47.36. A Regular Guy
48.13. Geoff Hurst's Goal
49.44. The Worm Turns
50.83. Eddie Waring
51.47. Sweet F.A.
52.56. Changing Gears
53.58. Frickley
54.32. Better
55.70. Rebel Rebel
56.19. City Man City
57.77. Learning Karate
58.66. Face Jumping
59.100. Barry John
60.62. Hopscotch
61.22. Brian
62.101. Running Order
63.The Cutty Wren
64.Chartist Anthem
65.Song Of The Times
66.World Turned Upside Down
67.Poverty Knock
68.Idris Strike Song
69.The Sun/Scum (提供)
70.Fuck Off - Rip Off
71.Can't Think - Must Work
73.The Sun
74.Plastic Bullets
76.R.T.Z. & B.P... Why?
77.Nuclear Power? No Thanks!
78.Uranium Bribery Never Fails
79.Why Can't We Sing About Something Nice?
80.There's No Need To Vote NF When There Are Twelve Tory Fascists In The Cabinet (提供)
81.L - Invasion
82.L - Isolation
83.Good Afternoon and Welcome to White Hart Lane
84.Barry John
85.Running Order
86.Geoff Hurst's Goal
87.On The Beach
88.City Man City
89.Chelsea's Back Four
91.The Fun In Games
92.Games Were Fun
93.That Golden Era
97.A Regular Guy
99.The Tennis Racket
暫存3 英文
1.We Don't Go To God's House Anymore
2.The Best Is Yet To Come (Acoustic Version)
3.The Best Is Yet To Come (Bee Hold End Version)
4.I'm A Winner, Baby
5.Strike! (Barnsley 3 Man Utd. 2 Mix) (提供)
6.Amnesia (Single Mix)
7.Tubthumping (Country & Western Version)
8.Mouthful Of Shit (Country & Western Version)
9.One By One (Acoustic Version)
10.Drip Drip Drip (Country & Western Version)
11.The Big Issue (Acoustic Version)
12.Stitch That (Country & Western Version)
13.Amnesia (Acoustic Version)
14.Amnesia (Done Lying Down Version)
15.Amnesia (Jimmy Echo Version)
16.One Green Hill (提供)
17.Jam Tomorrow (提供)
18.Amnesia (Album Version)
19.Amnesia (Philip's Milk of Amnesia Mix)
20.Amnesia (Random Access Memory Loss Mix)
21.Amnesia (Zion Train 359 Amhurst Road Mix) (提供)
22.Tubthumping (Escape From New York Mix)
23.Tubthumping (Tin Tin Out Mix) (提供)
24.Amnesia (On Flame With Rock And Roll Version)
25.Tubthumping (Single Version)
26.I Still Haven't Found What I Was Looking For
27.Just Look At Me Now (Borstal Boy Mix)
28.Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart
29.Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
30.On Ilkley Moor Baht'at
31.I Never Gave Up
32.That's How Grateful We Are
33.A Morality Play
34.87. Lester Piggot, Cell Block No. 9
35.Timebomb (Jimmy Echo Vocal)
36.Slag Aid
38.Ugliest Part Of The Body
39.Just Us Mix
40.In 2 Deep Jam
41.Justice / Injustice (提供)
42.Homophobia (Sisters Mix)
43.Homophobia Acapella (Live)
44.The World Turned Upside Down
45.Hear No Bullshit (On Fire Mix)
46.The Day The Nazi Died (1993 Mix)
47.I Never Gave Up (Rondo Mix)
48.I Never Gave Up (Cass Mix)
49.LAUGHING (Never Stopped Mix)
50.Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die' Rag (Country Joe and The Fish, 1967)
51.Heartbreak Hotel
52.Piggies In Revolution 9
54.Tiananmen Square
56.Chase PCs Flee Attack By Own Dog
57.Rubens Has Been Shot!
58.40. Dad's Mascot
59.Harry Goldthorpe
60.Why Are We Still In Ireland?
61.The Birmingham Six
62.21. Desmond Lynam's Sports Trivia
63.37. Leather on Willow, etc.
64.60. Isn't It Horrible?
65.84. Jimmy Hill
66.18. The Bull Fights Back
67.81. Desmond
68.85. Whilst Stocks Last
69.3. We Want Beans Not Goals
70.97. It's a Man's Game
71.90. P.E.
72.10. Hmmm...
73.68. Orienteering
74.75. Memories of Shilts
75.35. Ever Heard the One About the Pacemaker?
76.80. Michaelangelo
77.46. Sports
78.14. Studmarks on the Summits
79.64. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Greavsie
80.34. Mick McManus' Haircut
81.96. The Incompatibility of Sport and Cosmic Consciousness
82.20. Zola Budd
83.93. Groundhopping
84.4. Naming Names
85.33. Outfoxed (提供)
86.38. Shoot
87.16. A Lament to the Best
88.94. Rip It Up
89.42. One Under Par
90.98. Shot
91.30. Mountain Biking
92.5. Benefits of the Game
93.9. Seoul Music
94.71. Bing Oh!
95.25. Spassky Fischer
96.55. Ashes to Ashes
97.29. Disabled Sports
98.67. Sunday League Footy
暫存2 英文
1.Pass It Along
3.Pop Star Kidnap
4.Punch Drunk
5.Remembrance Day
6.Rich Popstars Make Good Socialists
7.Rip It Up
8.Saying No
9.Scare City
10.School Team
11.Seoul Music
12.Shake Baby Shake
14.She's Got All the Friends That Money Can Buy
15.Shock! Horror!
18.Smart Bomb
19.Smash Clause 28!
20.Snip Snip Snip
21.Social Dogma
22.Somebody Else
23.Sometimes Plunder
24.Spassky Fischer
27.Stitch That!
28.Studmarks On The Summits
29.Sugar Daddy
30.Sunday League Footy
31.Tearing Up Zoo
32.The Ballad Of Peoplekind
33.The Bull Fights Back
34.The Choice Is Yours
35.The Diggers Song
36.The Health and Happiness Show
37.The Incompatibility Of Sport And Cosmic Consciousness
38.The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Jerry Springer
39.The Police Have Been Wonderful
40.The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Greavsie
41.The Standing Still
42.The Tree Of Knowledge
43.The Triumph Of General Ludd
44.Thorn-emi Lighting
45.Three Years Later
46.Times Of Crisis
47.Top Of The World
48.We Support All Forms Of Resistance Against This Racist System (part I) (提供)
49.We Support All Forms Of Resistance Against This Racist System (part Ii)
50.We Want Beans Not Goals
51.Where Did The Chinaman Go?
52.Whilst Stocks Last
54.WWW Dot
55.You Can't Trust Anyone Nowadays
56.Younger Moralists
57.Yup And Under
58.Zola Budd
59.The Morning After
60.The Big Picture
61.Last Taxi Ride
62.Salt Fare, North Sea
63.Jacob's Ladder
64.All in Vain
65.Home With Me
66.If It Is to Be, It Is Up to Me
67.Don't Try This at Home
68.Nothing Knocks Me Over
69.Song Of The (Now Determined) Mother
70.Don't Pass Go
71.One Way Or The Other
72.When I'm Bad
73.Sewing Up Crap
74.After Shelley
75.God Save The Queen
76.Her Majesty
77.Pass It Along (MP3 Mix)
78.Pass It Along (Rock-O-Rama Mix)
79.Pass It Along (Beats Working Mix)
80.Pass It Along (Albumesque Mix)
81.Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)
82.She's Got All The Friends That Money Can Buy (Single Version)
83.Just A Form Of Music (提供)
84.Lest We Forget
86.Passenger List For Doomed Flight #1721
87.Tony Blair
88.Mary Mary (Stigmatic Mix)
89.The ABCs of Anarchism
90.And In A Nutshell
91.Morality Play In Three Acts
92.Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire
93.Smash Clause 29!
94.Song Of The Mother In Debt
95.Song Of The Hardworking Community Registration Officer
96.Song Of The Government Minister Who Enjoys His Work
暫存1 英文
1.Give The Anarchy A Cigarette
2.Heaven, Hell
4.Act With Mother
6.A Fairy Tale (real No-shit)
7.A Lament To The Best
8.All The King's Men
10.An Psalm (提供)
11.Ashes To Ashes
13.Australian Rules Football
15.Awesome Wheels
17.Because I'm A He
19.Bella Ciao
20.Benefits Of The Game
21.Big Mouth Strikes Again
22.Bing Oh!
23.Bob Beamon
24.Catastrophe Reality
25.'Celebration, Florida'
26.Colliers March
28.Dad's Mascot
29.Declaring Peace
31.Desmond Lynam's Sports Trivia
32.Disabled Sports
34.Does God Go To The Toilet?
36.Dumbing Down
37.Education (part I)
38.Education (part Ii)
39.Ever Heard The One About The Pacemaker?
40.Fight The Alton Bill!
42.Flesh And Blood And Feelings
43.For Those Of You Watching In Black And White
44.Graham Hill
46.Happiness Is Just A Chant Away
47.Here's To The Rest Of Your Life
48.Hey Hey We're the Junkies
49.Heysel Stadium
51.Horses For Courses
52.House Plants
53.How Dare They Call It Football?
54.Hurling And Imperialism
55.I'm Coming Out
56.I'm In Trouble Again
57.'I'm Not Sorry, I Was Having Fun'
58.I'm Thick (提供)
59.I'm with Stupid
60.Indoor League
62.In The Thick Of It
63.Irish Joke
64.Isn't It Horrible?
66.It's A Man's Game
67.Jack Horner
68.Jesus In Vegas
69.Jimmy Hill
70.Jingle Smells
71.K-2 (indian Restaurant)
72.Karl Marx Never Made The Squad
75.Knit Your Own Balaclava
76.Ladies For Compassionate Lynching
77.Lay People
78.Leather On Willow, Etc.
79.Lester Piggot, Cell Block No. 9
80.Let It Be
82.Lie Lie Lie Lie
83.Look! No Strings!
84.Lying In The Dirt
85.Man Papers His Crack
86.Martini People
87.Memories Of Shilts
89.Mick Mcmanus' Haircut
90.Moses With A Gun
91.Mountain Biking
92.Nadzeroon El Babo
93.Naming Names
94.New York Mining Disaster 1941
95.Nothing That's New
96.One Under Par
97.One Way System
99.Outfoxed (提供)
暫存 英文
1.The Worm Turns
2.Sporting Ties
3.Sweet F.A.
4.All's Well At Oakwell
5.Armchair Sport
7.Lost In Rome
8.The Englishman Abroad
9.Changing Gears
10.In Praise Of Sumo
12.The Bowler's Botha, The Batsman's Gooch
15.Face Jumping
16.Tills Ring, Crowds Cheer!
17.Rebel Rebel
18.Not Sport
19.Learning Karate
20.Walking The Penine Way
22.Eddie Waring
23.One-Sided Game
24.Mad Max
25.Eddie The Eagle
26.Tubby Barlow
27.Back Home
28.Always The Winner
30.On eBay
31.Reuters (1977) (提供)
32.I Get Knocked Down
33.Be With You
34.By And By
35.Buy Nothing Day
36.Just Desserts
37.The Wizard Of Menlo Park
38.Learning To Love
39.Top Of The World (Ole, Ole, Ole)
40.Smashing Of The Van
41.Everything You Know Is Wrong
42.The Untraditional
43.Stitch That
44.When Alexander Met Emma
45.The Land Of Do What You're Told
46.We Don't Want To Sing Along
47.Smith & Taylor
48.Fade Away (I Don't Want To)
49.Laughter In A Time Of War
50.William Francis
51.Following You
52.Walking Into Battle With The Lord
53.Universal Soldier (1966)
54.Shipbuilding (1983)
55.Homeless Hotel
56.Never Gave Up (Live)
57.Slag Aid (Live)
58.Rich Pop Stars (Live)
59.Walking Into Battle With the Lord (Live)
61.Tubthumping (Radio Edit)
62.Smart Bomb (2017 Remastered)

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