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Tiananmen Square

Heads bowed, eyes down, here comes the enemy
To hail the people's victory! Which people? What victory?
It's the People's Army that murdered the people
They've come to glue the shattered, battered statues in the square
Heads bowed, eyes down, here comes the enemy
With a haircut and a trigger-finger, that could be me!
Tanks tearing a hole in the silence
I've got armor-piercing rockets in my pocket--watch out!
You must've seen it, the boy in the white shirt
You want a fight? Yeah, you and whose army?
The people is bigger than the People's Army
My dad is bigger than your dad, and one day, one day
Raw and angry in front of the enemy
So it's turn back or kill. Boy versus tank
You want a fight? Yeah, you and whose army?
Here soldier, have a watermelon--this'll cool you down!


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22.Tubthumping (Escape From New York Mix)
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25.Tubthumping (Single Version)
26.I Still Haven't Found What I Was Looking For
27.Just Look At Me Now (Borstal Boy Mix)
28.Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart
29.Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
30.On Ilkley Moor Baht'at
31.I Never Gave Up
32.That's How Grateful We Are
33.A Morality Play
34.87. Lester Piggot, Cell Block No. 9
35.Timebomb (Jimmy Echo Vocal)
36.Slag Aid
38.Ugliest Part Of The Body
39.Just Us Mix
40.In 2 Deep Jam
41.Justice / Injustice(提供)
42.Homophobia (Sisters Mix)
43.Homophobia Acapella (Live)
44.The World Turned Upside Down
45.Hear No Bullshit (On Fire Mix)
46.The Day The Nazi Died (1993 Mix)
47.I Never Gave Up (Rondo Mix)
48.I Never Gave Up (Cass Mix)
49.LAUGHING (Never Stopped Mix)
50.Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die' Rag (Country Joe and The Fish, 1967)
51.Heartbreak Hotel
52.Piggies In Revolution 9
54.Tiananmen Square (修改)
56.Chase PCs Flee Attack By Own Dog
57.Rubens Has Been Shot!
58.40. Dad's Mascot
59.Harry Goldthorpe
60.Why Are We Still In Ireland?
61.The Birmingham Six
62.21. Desmond Lynam's Sports Trivia
63.37. Leather on Willow, etc.
64.60. Isn't It Horrible?
65.84. Jimmy Hill
66.18. The Bull Fights Back
67.81. Desmond
68.85. Whilst Stocks Last
69.3. We Want Beans Not Goals
70.97. It's a Man's Game
71.90. P.E.
72.10. Hmmm...
73.68. Orienteering
74.75. Memories of Shilts
75.35. Ever Heard the One About the Pacemaker?
76.80. Michaelangelo
77.46. Sports
78.14. Studmarks on the Summits
79.64. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Greavsie
80.34. Mick McManus' Haircut
81.96. The Incompatibility of Sport and Cosmic Consciousness
82.20. Zola Budd
83.93. Groundhopping
84.4. Naming Names
85.33. Outfoxed(提供)
86.38. Shoot
87.16. A Lament to the Best
88.94. Rip It Up
89.42. One Under Par
90.98. Shot
91.30. Mountain Biking
92.5. Benefits of the Game
93.9. Seoul Music
94.71. Bing Oh!
95.25. Spassky Fischer
96.55. Ashes to Ashes
97.29. Disabled Sports
98.67. Sunday League Footy

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