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Gilbert And Sullivan( Gilbert & Sullivan )【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 74 首歌 】
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The Grand Duke (Or The Statutory Duel) Act Ii 英文
1.Chorus Song
2.Duet - Ernest And Julia
3.Duet - Ludwig And Julia
4.Duet - Prince And Princess
6.Song - Baroness And Countess
7.Song - Baroness With Chorus
8.Song - Julia
9.Song - Lisa
10.Song - Ludwig
The Grand Duke (Or The Statutory Duel) Act I 英文
1.Ballad - Julia
2.Chorus Of The Chamberlains
3.Duet - Baroness And Rudolph
4.Duet - Lisa And Julia
5.Duet - Ludwig And Lisa
6.Duet - Rudolph And Ludwig
9.Song - Chorus
10.Song - Ernest
11.Song - Notary
12.Song - Rudolph
14.Song - Julia
15.Song - Lisa
16.Song - Ludwig
The Ultimate Gilbert and Sullivan 英文
1.We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue
2.If You Want to Know Who We Are
3.My Name is John Wellington Wells
4.I Am The Very Model Of a Modern Major General
5.For He Is an Englishman
6.Carefully on Tip-Toe Stealing
7.Kind Captain, I've Important Information
8.Nevermind the Why and Wherefore
9.When I Was a Lad
10.A Wand'ring Minstrel I
The Pirates of Penzance (The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company feat. conductor: John Pryce Jones) 英文
1.When Fred'ric Was a Little Lad
2.Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
3.What Ought We To Do?
H.M.S, Pinafore Part I 英文
1.Hail! Men-O'-Wars'-Men
2.The Nightingale Sighed
3.My Gallant Crew, Good Morning!
4.Sir, You Are Sad
5.A British Tar Is A Soaring Soul
H. M. S. Pinafore (Orchestra & Chorus of the Welsh National Opera feat. conductor: Sir Charles Mackerras) 英文
1.We Sail the Ocean Blue
2.Farewell, My Own!
3.Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing
4.Never Mind the Why and Wherefore
5.The Hours Creep on Apace
6.Things Are Seldom What They Seem
7.Fair Moon, to Thee I Sing
8.Can I Survive This Overbearing?
9.Refrain, Audacious Tar
10.A British Tar
11.For I Hold That on the Seas
12.Now Give Three Cheers
13.Sir Joseph's Barge Is Seen
14.Sir, You Are Sad!
15.A Maiden Fair to See
16.A Many Years Ago
暫存 英文
1.I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General (The Pirates of Penzance)
2.HMS Pinafore: We Sail the Ocean Blue
3.Alone, and Yet Alive
4.Our Great Mikado, Virtuous Man
5.Three Little Maids From School
6.Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes
7.Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well
8.The Sorcerer: My Name Is John Wellington Wells
9.Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen
10.Never Mind The Why Or Wherefore
12.Act I. 'I am the very model of a modern Major-General'
13.The Pirates of Penzance: Act I. 'Hail Poetry, thou heav'n born maid!'
14.I Am A Courtier Grave and Serious

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