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Monty Python( 蒙提派森 )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 258 首歌 】
蒙提·派森(英語:Monty Python,也作The Pythons),又譯為巨蟒劇團、蒙提巨蟒,是英國的一組超現實幽默表演團體。其創作的英國電視喜劇片《蒙提·派森的飛行馬戲團》,於1969年10月5日在BBC上公開播出,共播出了4季計45集。發源於電視劇的派森劇團,其影響力在隨後數十年裡持續上升,產生了巡迴舞台表演、電影、多部音樂專輯、幾本書籍和一部舞台劇作品,其成員也踏上了獨立的星途。派森劇團之於喜劇的影響力,不亞於披頭士樂隊對音樂的影響。


2005年,在喜劇演員和相關從業者參與評選的英國「喜劇演員的喜劇演員」(The Comedian's Comedian)投票中,派森劇團6位成員中有3人被評為前50位最偉大的喜劇演員,分別是:第2名的克里斯,第21名的艾德爾和第30名的帕林。
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The Penis Song 英文
1.The Penis Song
Monty Python Sings 英文
1.Accountancy Shanty
2.Always Look On the Bright Side of Life
3.Brian Song
4.Bruce's Philosophers Song
5.Christmas in Heaven
6.Decomposing Composers
7.Eric the Half a Bee
8.Henry Kissenger
9.I Like Chinese
10.I'm So Worried
11.Knights Of The Round Table
12.Lumberjack Song
13.Medical Love Song
14.Never Be Rude to an Arab
15.Oliver Cromwell
16.Penis Song (The Not Noel Coward Song)
17.Sit on My Face
19.The Money Song
20.Two Legs
21.All Things Dull and Ugly
22.Every Sperm Is Sacred
24.Galaxy Song
25.The Meaning Of Life
Best Of 英文
1.Brave Sir Robin
2.Dennis Moore
3.I Like Traffic Lights
4.Muddy Knees
5.O Lord Please Don't Burn Us
6.The Ferret Song
The Ultimate Monty Python Rip Off 英文
1.Galaxy Song (Monty Python Sings)
3.Lumberjack Song
4.Eric the Half-a-Bee
5.Four Yorkshiremen
6.Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
7.Spam Song
8.The Galaxy Song
9.Every Sperm is Sacred
10.Spanish Inquisition
11.French Taunter
12.Bruces / Philosophers' Song
13.Four Yorkshiremen - Live
14.Lumberjack Song - Live
15.Parrot Sketch - Live
16.Nudge Nudge
18.I Like Chinese
19.Sit on My Face
The Final Rip Off 英文
1.Constitutional Peasant (The Final Rip Off Remix)
4.Four Yorkshiremen
5.Election Special
6.Lumberjack Song
7.I Like Chinese
9.Rock Notes
11.French Taunter
12.Swamp Castle
13.Traffic Lights
14.Cheese Shop
18.Eric the Half-a-Bee Song
19.Eric the Half a Bee (The Final Rip Off Remix)
20.Sit On My Face (The Final Rip Off Remix)
21.Lumberjack Song (George Harrison Version)
22.Spanish Inquisition (Part 1) (The Final Rip Off Remix)
23.I'm So Worried
24.Nudge Nudge
25.Sit on My Face
The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Remastered) 英文
1.Bring Out Your Dead (Remastered)
2.Camelot (Remastered)
3.The Tale of Sir Robin (Remastered)
4.The Bridge of Death (Remastered)
Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album 英文
1.Announcement (Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album)
2.I Like Chinese
5.Rock Notes
7.Decomposing Composers
9.Traffic Lights
10.All Things Dull and Ugly
11.Never Be Rude to an Arab
13.Henry Kissinger
14.I'm So Worried (digitally remastered 1997)
15.I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio
16.A Scottish Farewell (提供)
17.Medical Love Song (alternate demo version)
18.Bishop (提供)
19.Here Comes Another One
20.Do What John
21.Muddy Knees
22.Sit on My Face
Monty Python's Total Rubbish 英文
1.Election Special (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
3.Henry Kissinger
5.Never Be Rude To an Arab
6.I Like Chinese
9.Rock Notes
11.Decomposing Composers
13.Traffic Lights
14.All Things Dull and Ugly
15.Every Sperm Is Sacred
16.Accountancy Shanty
17.Sit On My Face
18.Pet Shop
19.Background To History
20.Otto Song Demo (Demo / Python Sing)
21.Four Yorkshiremen (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
22.Lumberjack Song (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
23.Spanish Inquisition (Ending / Extended)
24.Argument (Edit)
25.I'm So Worried
26.Here Comes Another One
27.Do What John
28.Muddy Knees
29.A Scottish Farewell (提供)
30.I'm So Worried (Demo Version)
31.Spam Song (Edit)
32.Eric the Half a Bee
33.The Meaning of Life
Monty Python's Total Rubbish! The Complete Collection 英文
1.The Meaning of Life
2.Pet Shop
3.Background To History
4.Eric the Half a Bee
6.Gumby Theatre
8.Rock Notes
11.Henry Kissinger
14.Sit On My Face
15.Traffic Lights
16.Spam Song - Edit
17.Every Sperm Is Sacred
18.All Things Dull and Ugly
19.Decomposing Composers
21.I Like Chinese
22.Never Be Rude To an Arab
23.I'm So Worried - Demo Version
24.Introduction (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
25.Lumberjack Song (Extended Version)
26.Four Yorkshiremen (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
27.Idiot Song (Live At Drury Lane, London / 1974)
28.Lumberjack Song - Live From Drury Lane,London,United Kingdom/1974
29.Election Special - Live From Drury Lane,London,United Kingdom/1974
30.Four Yorkshiremen - Live From Drury Lane,London,United Kingdom/1974
31.A Scottish Farewell (提供)
32.Muddy Knees
33.Do What John
34.Here Comes Another One
35.I'm So Worried
36.Spanish Inquisition (Ending) (Extended)
Monty Python Sings (Again) 英文
1.Bruces' Philosophers Song (Bruces' Song)
2.Knights of the Round Table
3.All Things Dull and Ugly
4.Decomposing Composers
5.Henry Kissinger
6.I've Got Two Legs
7.Christmas In Heaven
8.Galaxy Song
9.Spam Song
10.Eric the Half-A-Bee
11.Lumberjack Song
12.Sit On My Face
13.Never Be Rude to an Arab
14.The Silly Walk Song
15.The Naval Medley
16.Bruces' Philosophers' Song
17.Meaning of Life
18.I'm So Worried
19.Oliver Cromwell
20.Always Look On the Bright Side of Life
21.Accountancy Shanty
23.Every Sperm Is Sacred
24.I Like Chinese
25.The Meaning of Life
Monty Python Live! At City Center 英文
1.World Forum - Digitally Remastered 1997
2.Four Yorkshiremen (Live)
3.Argument Clinic (Live) (提供)
4.Pet Shop (Live)
5.Protest Song (Live)
6.Lumberjack Song - Digitally Remastered 1997
7.Argument Clinic - Digitally Remastered 1997
8.Four Yorkshiremen - Digitally Remastered 1997
9.Lumberjack Song (Live)
Isnt It Awfully Nice 英文
1.Isn't It Awfully Nice To Have A Penis
暫存 英文
1.Bright Side Of Life
2.Do What John?
3.Im A Lumberjack
4.Immanuel Kant
6.The Philosophers Song
7.Penis song
8.Brave Sir Robin Ran Away
9.I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
10.Ho Ho F***ing Ho
11.The Final Song
12.Money Song
14.Laker Girls Cheer
15.Find Your Dream
16.Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (1991 version)
17.All for One
18.Always Look On the Bright Side of Life (The Unofficial England Football Anthem)
19.Monks Chant / He Is Not Dead Yet
20.Radio Tuning Radio 4 - Announcer Graham Chapman - Radio Time Announcer Terry Jones
21.His Name Is Lancelot
22.Twice In Every Show
23.Run Away!
24.Diva's Lament (What Ever Happened to My Part?)
25.Finland / Fisch Schlapping Dance
26.Monty Python's Life of Brian, Side 1
27.Always Look On the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python Sings)
28.'A Foul-Tempered Rabbit'
29.The Knights Who Say 'Ni!'
30.Accoutancy Shanty
31.Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song)
32.Come With Me
33.Protest Song
34.The Idiot Song
35.The Tale of Sir Robin
36.The Bridge of Death
37.Spam Song - 2009 Digital Remaster
38.Spam Song (Remastered)
40.Martydom of St Victor
41.Brian Song, Pt. 2
42.Look On the Bright Side of Life (All Things Dull and Ugly) (Life Of Brian / Soundtrack Version)
43.Dead Parrot Sketch (Live)
44.England 1747 - Dennis Moore
45.Travel Agency
46.We Love the Yangtse
47.I'm So Worried (Country/Western version)
48.Sermon on the Mount (Big Nose)
49.Look on the Bright Side of Life (All Things Dull and Ugly)
50.Sit On My Face (Live)
51.Always Look on the Bright Side

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