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Planetshakers【 共收藏 27 張專輯, 313 首歌 】
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Outback Worship Sessions 英文
1.My Soul Longs For Jesus
2.Spirit Of God
5.This Is Our Time
#LETSGO [Live] 英文
1.#LETSGO (提供)
2.Love of My Life (提供)
3.All Hail (提供)
4.New Era (提供)
5.Perfect Love (提供)
6.Born to Praise
7.Glorious Collision (提供)
8.Stepping In (提供)
9.Just One Touch (提供)
10.Home (提供)
11.All About You (提供)
12.Nobody Like You (提供)
13.Jesus Is Lord (Prayer)
Endless Praise 英文
1.We Are Free
3.Turn It Up
4.Praise You Lord
5.Unto God
6.Kiss Towards
7.Made For Worship
8.Abide With Me
9.Set Me Ablaze
10.Our God Reigns
11.Oh Your Love
12.Leave Me Astounded
13.No Other Name
Limitless 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
1.Let Praise Awaken
2.Put Your Hands Up
4.Your Name Brings Healing To Me
5.Great Is Your Love
6.This One Thing
7.This Is The Day
8.I'm Gonna Praise
9.O My Heart Sings
11.You Are Stronger
12.Rise Up
Heal Our Land 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
2.Good to Me
3.Do It Again
4.Heal Our Land
5.Strength of My Life
6.Hold On to Me (提供)
7.Hallelujah to the Lord
8.You Have It All
9.It's You
Nothing Is Impossible 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
2.Bring It On
3.Give It Up
4.Nothing Is Impossible (feat. Israel Houghton)
5.Running To You
6.You Are God
7.No One Like You
9.Sound Of Praise
10.Song Of Victory
12.Come To Jesus
13.We Cry Out
Deeper 英文
1.The Victory
2.You Are Good
3.Nothing Is Impossible
4.Hear The Sound
6.Jesus Reigns
7.My Saviour
8.All The Praise
9.The One
10.I Just Want You
All For Love 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
1.All For Love
3.Better Than Life
4.King Of All
5.I Love You
6.Holding On
8.All That Matters
10.Come Holy Spirit
11.I Need You
12.The Anthem
Free 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
3.Saved The Day
4.Greatly To Be Praised
5.In The Highest
7.Shout Your Name
8.For Everything
9.My Hope
10.Saving Grace
11.Glory To God
12....A Worship Moment
14.I Need You
Open Up The Gates 英文
基石音樂總代理發行 J Stone Music
1.Open Up The Gates(LP Version)
2.Rescue Me(LP Version)
3.You Are Holy(LP Version)
4.It's All About Jesus(LP Version)
5.All I Want Is You(Album Version)
6.My Passion(LP Version)
7.Everything To Me(Album Version)
8.Reason I Live(LP Version)
9.Worship The King(LP Version)
10.How I Love You(Album Version)
This Is Our Time 英文
1.This Is Our Time (Live)
2.Abba Father (Studio)
3.Look to You (Live)
4.Your Presence (Live)
5.He Touched Me (Live)
6.Holy (Live)
7.You (Live)
8.Sing It Again (Live)
9.It's Your Love (Live)
10.The Water Is Rising (Live)
11.Stronger Than a Thousand Seas (Live)
12.Covered (Live)
13.Leave Me Astounded (Live)
14.My Heart Is Alive (Live)
15.Joy (Live)
16.You/Holy (Live)
This Is Our Time (Live) 英文
3.Abba Father
4.He Touched Me (Live)
5.It's Your Love (Live)
6.Covered (Live)
7.Stronger Than a Thousand Seas (Live)
8.This Is Our Time
9.Look to You
10.My Heart Is Alive
11.Stronger Than a Thousand Seas
12.The Water Is Rising
13.Sing It Again
16.Your Presence
So Amazing 英文
1.What You've Done For Me (Live)
2.Phenomena (Live)
3.So Amazing (Live)
4.Worship Forevermore (Live)
5.Fill Me Now (Live)
6.Jumpin' Praisin' (Live)
7.God Is Moving (Live)
8.Send Me (Reprise) (Live)
Reflector (Live) 英文
1.You're Everything (Live)
2.Lift Up Your Eyes (Live)
3.Worthy to Be Praised (Live)
4.Amazing Grace (Live)
5.I Want to See Jesus (Live)
6.I'm Living For (Live)
7.Overwhelmed (Live)
8.Unto You (Live)
9.Come Breathe (Live)
10.Reflector (Live)
11.I Want You to Know (Live)
Overflow [Deluxe Edition] 英文
1.Come Right Now
2.Face to Face
3.Give My All (Live)
Overflow (Live) 英文
1.Give My All (Live)
2.River (Live)
3.I Came for You (Live)
4.Join with the Angels (Live)
One 英文
1.Get Up
3.You Are Good
4.Get Up (Remix)
5.Glory Forever
6.Wonderful Saviour
7.Dance Now
8.Holy Spirit Come
9.Lift You High
10.Rejoice In You
11.No Compromise
12.Like a Fire
My King Live Praise & Worship 英文
1.Give You Praise - Live Version
2.All I Want Is You - Live Version
3.How I Love You - Live Version
4.Rescue Me - Live Version
5.Worship The King - Live Version
6.I Believe - Live Version
7.You Are Holy - Live Version
8.Be With You - Live Version
9.Everything To Me - Live Version
10.Open Up The Gates - Live Version
11.My King - Live Version
Legacy 英文
1.Alive Again - Live in Manila
2.You Are Here - Live in Manila
3.All on the Altar (Live in Kuala Lumpur)
4.Drawing Closer (Live in Kuala Lumpur)
5.Alive Again
Legacy - Part 2: Passion 英文
1.Passion - Live In Melbourne
2.Prophesy - Live In Melbourne
3.We Speak Life - Live In Melbourne
Even Greater 英文
1.This Love
2.I Beleive It
4.With All My Heart
5.Devoted to You
6.There's Freedom
7.Hope of All Hearts
8.God Is Love (提供)
9.God Is Able
10.Even Greater
11.Lord of All
13.Now I'm Free
Endless Praise (Live) 英文
2.Our God Reigns (Live)
3.Set Me Ablaze (Live)
4.Abide With Me (Live)
5.We Are Free (Live)
6.Leave Me Astounded (Studio)
7.Turn It Up - Live
8.Endless Praise - Live
9.Turn It Up
10.No Other Name - Live
11.Dance - Live
12.Unto God - Live
13.Oh Your Love (Live)
14.Praise You Lord (Live)
15.No Other Name
16.Kiss Towards
17.Praise You Lord
18.Oh Your Love
19.Our God Reigns
20.Set Me Ablaze
21.Abide With Me
22.Made For Worship (Live)
Deeper (Live Worship from Planetshakers City Church) 英文
1.The Victory (Live)
2.I Just Want You (Live)
3.The One (Live)
4.All the Praise (Live)
5.My Saviour (Live)
6.Jesus Reigns (Live)
7.Deeper (Live)
8.Hear the Sound (Live)
9.Nothing Is Impossible (Live) (提供)
10.You Are Good (Live)
11.Believe (Live)
Arise 英文
2.Lift Your Name Up
3.You Are My God
4.Always and Forever
All That I Want: Live Praise and Worship 英文
1.Running After You (Live)
2.Holy Is the Lord (Live)
3.Enter In (Live)
4.Perfect Day (Live)
5.Come to Praise (Live)
6.All of My Days (Live)
7.Could I Ever (Live)
8.Here I Am (Live)
9.All That I Want (Live)
10.Everything's Changed (Live)
11.Need You In My Life (Live)
12.Rain Down (Live)
1.Intro (Live)
2.Love of My Life (Live)
3.All Hail (Live)
4.New Era (Live)
5.Perfect Love (Live)
6.Born To Praise (Live)
7.Glorious Collision (Live)
8.Stepping In (Live)
9.Just One Touch (Live)
10.Home (Live)
11.All About You (Live)
12.Nobody Like You (Live)
13.#Letsgo (Live)
14.Jesus Is Lord (Prayer) (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Endless Praise
2.Reason I Live
3.How I Love You
4.Open Up The Gates
5.You Are Holy
6.Everything To Me
7.All I Want Is You
9.My Passion
10.Worship the King
11.Rescue Me
12.Like A Fire
14.Gotta Give Him Glory
15.Greatly to Be Praised (Live)
16.Beautiful Saviour (Live)
17.Evermore (Live)
18.Praise Him (Live)
19.Momentum (Live)
20.I Know Who You Are
21.Nothing Is Impossible (Original Key Trax With Background Vocals)
22.Unto God (Original Key without Background Vocals)
23.The Anthem (Low Key Without Background Vocals)
24.I Believe (Live)
25.I Call You Jesus
26.Unto God - Original Key with Background Vocals
27.Limitless (Live)
28.Abba Father (Live)
29.Great and Mighty
30.Worthy to Be Praised
31.Holy Is The Lord
34.Call Your Name
35.Through It All - Live in Melbourne

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