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Holy Is The Lord

I can see the angels gathering
'Round the Throne to bring an offering
Of praise to the King of all Kings
It's Jesus

I can hear their voices singing loud
Bringing anthems in a glorious cloud
Of praise to the King of all Kings
It's Jesus

Nations will join and men confess
Declaring Your holy righteousness
Giving their hearts, their lives, their all
To the King of Glory

Mountains declare and oceans roar
All of creation stands in awe
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Join with them now in one accord
Holy is the Lord

All of the angels stand and sing
The anthem of heaven loudly rings
Hear them proclaim this offering
Holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord

Words by Sam Evans
Music by Sam Evans and Mike Guglielmucci
' 2004 Planet Shakers Publishing
Administered by WORD Australia


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