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Mike + The Mechanics( 麥可與機師合唱團 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 137 首歌 】
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Living Years(Deluxe Edition) 英文
1.Nobody's Perfect(2014 Remaster)
2.The Living Years(2014 Remaster)
3.Seeing Is Believing(2014 Remaster)
4.Nobody Knows(2014 Remaster)
5.Poor Boy Down(2014 Remaster)
6.Blame(2014 Remaster)
7.Don't(2014 Remaster)
8.Black & Blue(2014 Remaster)
9.Beautiful Day(2014 Remaster)
10.Why Me ?(2014 Remaster)
11.The Living Years 2014
12.Seeing Is Believing(Live / 1988)
13.Don't(Live / 1988)
14.Black & Blue(Live / 1988)
15.Silent Running(Live / 1988)
16.Par Avion(Live / 1988)
17.Take The Reins(Live / 1988)
18.Nobody's Perfect(Live / 1988)
19.A Call To Arms(Live / 1988)
20.Beautiful Day(Live / 1988)
21.Hanging By A Thread(Live / 1988)
The Singles:1985 - 2014 + Rarities 英文
1.Silent Running(On Dangerous Ground)(2013 Remaster)
2.All I Need Is A Miracle(2013 Remaster)
3.The Living Years(2013 Remaster)
4.Word Of Mouth(2013 Remaster)
5.Over My Shoulder(2013 Remaster)
6.A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold(2013 Remaster)
7.Another Cup Of Coffee(2013 Remaster)
8.Now That You've Gone(2013 Remaster)
9.Taken In(2013 Remaster)
10.Nobody's Perfect(2013 Remaster)
11.Everybody Gets A Second Chance(2013 Remaster)
12.Nobody Knows(2013 Remaster)
13.Seeing Is Believing(2013 Remaster)
14.A Time And Place(2013 Remaster)
15.Whenever I Stop(2013 Remaster)
16.Reach Out(Touch The Sun)
17.Try To Save Me
18.When My Feet Don't Touch The Ground
19.One By One (提供)
20.Nobody Told Me(2013 Remaster)
21.I Think I've Got The Message(2013 Remaster) (提供)
22.Too Many Friends(2013 Remaster) (提供)
23.You Never Change(2013 Remaster) (提供)
24.Always The Last To Know(2013 Remaster) (提供)
25.You Don't Know What Love Is(2013 Remaster) (提供)
26.Boys At The Front(2013 Remaster) (提供)
27.Perfect Child(2013 Remaster)
28.My Crime Of Passion(Acoustic Version / 2013 Remaster)
29.Little Boy(Tender Touch)(2013 Remaster) (提供)
30.Help Me(2013 Remaster) (提供)
31.Revolution(2013 Remaster) (提供)
32.I Get The Feeling(Live / United Kingdown / 1986 / 2013 Remaster)
33.Taken In(Live / United Kingdom / 1991 / 2013 Remaster)
34.Word Of Mouth(East West Mix / 2013 Remaster)
35.Too Far Gone(2013 Remaster) (提供)
The Road 英文
1.Heaven Doesn't Care
2.It Only Hurts For A While
3.Hunt You Down
4.Oh No
5.The Road
6.Reach Out (Touch The Sun)
7.Try To Save Me
8.Background Noise
9.I Don't Do Love
10.Walking On Water
11.You Can Be The Rock
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold 英文
1.A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
2.Another Cup Of Coffee
3.You've Really Got A Hold On Me
4.Mea Culpa
5.Over My Shoulder
6.Someone Always Hates Someone
7.The Ghost Of Sex And You
8.Web Of Lies
9.Plain And Simple
10.Something To Believe In
11.A House Of Many Rooms
12.I Believe(When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
13.Going Going....home
Word Of Mouth 英文
1.Get Up
2.Word Of Mouth
3.A Time And Place
4.Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
5.The Way You Look At Me
6.Everybody Gets A Second Chance
7.Stop Baby
8.My Crime Of Passion
9.Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen
10.Before(The Next Heartache Falls)
The Living Years 英文
1.Nobody's Perfect
2.The Living Years
3.Seeing Is Believing
4.Nobody Knows
5.Poor Boy Down
8.Black & Blue
9.Beautiful Day
10.Why Me?
Mike&The Mechanics 英文
1.Silent Running
2.All I Need Is A Miracle
3.Par Avion
4.Hanging By A Thread
5.I Get The Feeling
6.Take The Reins
7.You Are The One
8.A Call To Arms
9.Taken In
Living Years 英文
1.Poor Boy Down - 2014 Remastered
2.Beautiful Day - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
3.A Call to Arms - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
4.Nobody's Perfect - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
5.Take the Reins - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
6.Par Avion - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
7.Silent Running - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
8.Black & Blue - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
9.Don't - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
10.Seeing Is Believing - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
11.Why Me? - 2014 Remastered
12.Blame - 2014 Remastered
13.Hanging By a Thread - Live 1988; 2014 Remastered
暫存 英文
1.I Think I've Got The Message
3.Too Many Friends
4.Living Years
5.Take These Broken Wings
6.Black And Blue
7.The Living Years 2014 version
8.I Don't Want It All
9.Now That You've Gone
10.All the Light I Need
11.Look Across at Dreamland
12.A Beggar On a Beach of Gold (Live)
13.All I Need Is a Miracle '96
14.Don't Know What Came Over Me
15.Let Me Fly

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