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Fabolous( 神奇小子 )【 共收藏 33 張專輯, 411 首歌 】
約翰·大衛·傑克遜(英語:John David Jackson,1977年11月18日-),以藝神奇小子(Fabolous)知名,是美國的說唱歌手。成長於紐約市布魯克林的傑克遜,是首批受到南方嘻哈影響的東海岸說唱歌手。他早期的知名歌曲包括,2001年的打榜單曲《Can't Deny It》,該曲出自他的出道專輯《Ghetto Fabolous》。神奇小子一共發行了5張專輯,共在全美締造300萬張專輯的銷售量。
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The Progression Of Fabolous 英文
1.So New York
2.Crazy Love (提供)
3.Doin It Well
4.Cant Let You Go
5.Everything Everyday
6.When The Money Goes (提供)
7.Sorry Not Sorry
8.How Do I (提供)
9.Holla Back Youngin (提供)
10.Come Till My Girl Cum (提供)
11.Cant Deny It
12.Hot Nigga (提供)
13.Swagger Right (提供)
Summertime Shootout 英文
1.For The Summer
2.Real One ft. Jazzy
3.Doin It Well ft. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz
4.Tell Ya Friends ft. The Weeknd
5.Sorry Not Sorry ft. Bryson Tiller
7.Vanilla ft. Rich Homie Quan
8.The Plug
9.Trap Royalty ft. Mike Davis
10.Trapline Bling ft. Josh K
11.Started Something ft. Daphne Larue
12.Summertime Sadness ft. Dave East
Summertime Shootout 2 – The Level Up 英文
1.To The Sky (Feat. 070Shake)
2.Ah Man
3.My Shit (Feat. A Boogie)
4.Check On Me (Feat. Future & DJ Esco)
5.Wishing (Remix) (Feat. DJ Drama & Chris Brown)
6.Ashanti (Feat. Goldie)
7.I'm Goin' Down (Feat. Jazzy)
8.Team Litty (Feat. Jazzy)
9.4AM Flex (Feat. Tory Lanez)
10.Sex Wit' Me (Feat. Rihanna & Trey Songz)
11.Faith In Me (Feat. Wale)
12.Goyard Bag (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
13.For The Family (Feat. Dave East & Don Q)
Black Mamba 英文
1.Panda (Freestyle) [CDQ] (提供)
2.Where They Do That At (Feat. Rick Ross And Diego Dose) (提供)
3.Tell Ya Friends (Freestyle)
4.Third Shift
5.Right Now (Freestyle) (Feat. Jadakiss) (提供)
6.Don't Mind (Feat. French Montana And ASAP Ferg
7.Tim Westwood Freestyle [Unreleased] (提供)
8.Milly Rock (Freestyle) (提供)
9.Wicked (Freestyle) (Feat. Jadakiss)
10.Doin It Well (Feat. Nicki Minaj And Trey Songz)
The Young OG Project 英文
2.We Good
3.All Good
4.You Made Me
5.She Wildin'
6.Ball Drop
7.Bish Bounce
8.Rap & Sex
9.Gone For The Winter
10.Cinnamon Apple
11.Young OG II
When I Feel Like It [blank] 英文
1.When I Feel Like It Album Version(Explicit)
The S.O.U.L. Tape 3 英文
2.Young OG
3.Thim Slick
4.Lay Down
5.The Hope
6.You Know
7.Cuffin Season
9.The Get Back
11.Everything Was the Same
The S.O.U.L. Tape 3 (Mixtape) 英文
2.Young OG
3.Thim Slick
4.Lay Down
5.The Hope
6.You Know
7.Cuffin Season
9.The Get Back
11.Everything Was the Same
The S.O.U.L. Tape 2 英文
2.For The Love
4.We Get High
5.Guess Whos Bizzack
6.Louis Vuitton
7.Life Is So Exciting
8.Only Life I Know
9.Diced Pineapples
11.Want You Back
Ready (Single) 英文
So NY (Single) 英文
1.So NY
The S.O.U.L. Tape (Mixtape) 英文
2.Wolves In Sheep Clothing
3.Really Tho
4.That's Not Love
5.Leaving You
6.In The Morning
7.Drugs (Do This To Me)
8.Yall Dont Hear Me Tho
9.Phone Numbers
10.Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside
11.Riesling & Rolling Papers
12.Slow Down
13.Payback Music
14.Look At Her (You Be Killin' Em Pt. 2)
Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power 英文
1.Lights Out (I Don't See Nobody)
2.Walk Like It, Talk Like It (提供)
3.Baby (Remix)
4.Bling Bloaw Part 2 (提供)
5.The Hitmen (提供)
6.Just Grind (提供)
7.Bars R Us
8.Some Say (提供)
9.Make It Hot (提供)
10.U Can't Slow Me Down (提供)
11.Loso's Way Freestyle (提供)
12.I'm The Shit (提供)
13.Smokin' & Sippin' (提供)
There Is No Competition Part 2: The Funeral Service (Mixtape) 英文
1.Bring Death To Em'
3.Oh Let's Do It
4.Suicide 2
5.Its Goin' Down (提供)
6.Love Come Down
7.Popular Demand (提供)
8.Body Bag
9.Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley
10.For The Money
11.All The Way Turnt Up
12.Say Somethin' Nigga (提供)
13.Funeral Service Music (提供)
14.Exhibit F
15.Mr. R.I.P
16.Roger That
There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music (EP) 英文
1.The Wake*
2.I'm Raw*
3.Lights Out
5.Body Ya
6.You Be Killin' Em
7.Body Count
8.The Eulogy (Intro)
9.Body Bag Remix
Loso's Way 英文
1.The Way(Intro)
2.My Time
3.Imma Do It
4.Feel Like I'm Back
5.Everything, Everyday, Everywhere
6.Throw It In The Bag
7.Money Goes, Honey Stay(When The Money Goes Remix)
9.There He Go
10.The Fabolous Life
11.Makin Love
12.Last Time
16.I Miss My Love
From Nothin' to Somethin' 英文
Def Jam
1.From Nothin' To Somethin' Intro
2.Yep,I'm Back
3.Change Up feat
4.Make Me Better feat
5.Baby Don't Go feat
6.Return Of The Hustle feat
7.Gangsta Don't Play feat
8.Real Playa Like feat
9.Diamonds feat
10.I'm The Man feat
Street Dreams 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Not Give A Fuck
4.Call Me
5.Can't Let You Go
6.Bad Bitch
7.Why Wouldn't I
8.Up On Things
10.This Is My Party
11.Into You
12.Change You Or Change Me
14.Forgive Me Father
15.Never Duplicated
16.Wake Up (提供)
17.My Life
18.Throw Back
19.Keepin It Gansta(Remix) (提供)
20.Trade It All(Part 2)
Ghetto Fabolous 英文
2.Keepin' It Gangsta
4.Get Right
5.Ride For This
6.One Day
7.Trade It All
8.Right Now&Later On
9.Take You Home
10.Get Smart
11.Can't Deny It
12.Ma' Be Easy
13.We Don't Give A
14.The Bad Guy
15.Gotta Be Thug
16.If They Want It
There Is No Competition 英文
1.Niggas Know
3.Back to Do the Damn Thing
4.Here's Another Hit
5.U Ain't Sayin' Shit
6.Brooklyn's Finest
7.I Don't See Nobody
8.Say Hello
9.Dope Boys
There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3's 英文
1.Death Comes in 3's
2.Swag Champ
3.She Did It
4.Black City
5.Got That Work
7.Lord Knows
Talk of NY 英文
1.What's My Name?
2.'It's in the Game' (NBA Live freestyle)
3.Think Y'all Know
4.Can't Let You Go (remix)
6.Real Talk (1, 2, 3)
Real Talk 英文
2.Don't Stop Won't Stop
4.Round & Round
More Street Dreams Pt. 2: The Mixtape 英文
1.Fuck You Too
2.B.K. Style
3.F You Too
4.Make U Mine
Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 英文
1.Imma Do It - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
2.There He Go - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
3.Salute - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
4.Lullaby - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
5.Pachanga - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
6.When The Money Goes - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
7.Everything, Everyday, Everywhere - Live At The Fillmore Auditorium
I'm so Brooklyn, Pt. Five 英文
1.Pretty Gang
2.Dont Shoot
3.Type of Shit I Hate
4.4 Digits
5.Who Do You Love
Funeral Service 英文
Friday Night Freestyle 英文
1.Shook Ones
2.The World Is Yours
3.Black Girl Lost
4.Been Around The World
Fabolous: Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 英文
1.Imma Do It (Live)
2.There He Go (Live)
3.Salute (Live)
4.Lullaby (Live)
5.Pachanga (Live)
6.Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Live)
Compilation 英文
1.We Here
2.Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit Freestyle
3.Shook Ones Pt. 2
Friday On Elm Street 英文
1.Ground Up
2.F vs J Intro
3.Soul Food
暫存1 英文
1.In The Morning Freestyle
2.White & Navy (Snippet)
3.Trade It All (Remix)
4.Fab Freestyle
5.It's Alright
6.'Trade It All, Pt. 2'
7.Holla Back
8.Not Give A Fuck (Remix)
9.It's In The Game
10.Next Generation
11.Family Affair (Remix)
12.Does My Thing [feat. Red Cafe]
13.Make Me Better (Remix) [feat. Ne-Yo And Raekwon]
14.Girl You Be Killin' Em
15.Ferrari Lifestyle
16.Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
18.I Shine, You Shine
19.Baby Don't Go
20.U Make Me Better (提供)
21.Diamonds On My Damn Chain
23.It's Gangsta (Explicit Version)
24.This Is Familly
25.It's All Right
26.Do The Damn Thing
27.Change Up
28.So Into You
29.Fire (Remix)
30.Up On Things Ft. Snoop Dogg
31.Holla At Somebody Real
32.Young & Sexy
33.In My Hood
35.Can't Let You Go Remix
36.You Can't Deny It
38.Church (Featuring Charlie Murphy)
39.Make U Mine Featuring Mike Shorey
40.Make U Mine ft. Make Shorey
41.Can't Let U Go
42.Fabolous-Forgive Me Father
43.Trade It All Ft. P. Diddy, Jagged Edge
44.Trade It All PT2
45.Umma Do Me Freestyle
46.Can't Deny It (Featuring Nate Dogg)
47.The Bad Guy (Featuring Pain In Da Ass)
48.Now What
49.I Usually Don't
50.Tit 4 Tat
51.Do the Damn Thang
52.It's Ghetto
53.I'ma Boss Freestyle
54.Up To Things
55.Not Give A F**K
56.Keepin it Gansta
60.Sickalicious Ft. Missy Elliott
61.Now Ride
62.Real Talk
63.Into You Ft. Ashanti
64.Its My Party
65.Im So Into You
66.Into You (Main Mix)
67.Fire Remix - Joe Budden
68.Jokes On You
69.Can't Let You Go Featuring Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo
70.Fabolous Life
71.6 Minutes
74.I'm A G
75.Can You Hear Me
76.Po Po (Ft Paul Cain & Nate Dogg)
77.Po Po
78.Baby Ft. Mike Shorey
79.Can I Live
80.Trade It All Part. 2
81.Click and Spark
82.Right Now and Later On
83.It's My Time
84.Bang Bang
85.Welcome To My Workplace
86.Toast To The Good Life
87.Never Let It Go
88.All Jokes On You
89.Keepin It Gangsta (remix) Ft.
90.Into You (Remix)
92.So Fabolous (提供)
93.Return Of The Hustle
暫存 英文
1.It's going down
2.First Time
5.Gangsta No Play
6.Real Playa Like
7.Make Me Better
8.Gangsta Don't Play
9.What Should I Do
11.Make You Mine
12.Trade It All Part 2
13.I'm the Man
14.Panda Remix
15.Can't Let You Go - feat. Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo
16.This Is My Party (Promo CD Version)
17.Keepin It Gangsta (Remix) (Bonus Track)
18.Throw Back (Bonus Track)
19.Not Give a F***
20.Into You [Main Mix feat. Tamia]
21.Into You (feat. Tamia) - Rolling Stone Version
22.This Is My Party (Amended Version)
23.The Way (Intro) - Album Version (Edited)
24.Throw It in the Bag (explicit)
25.Think Ya'll Know (One Call)
26.Deuces - Remix
27.Rims (skit) (提供)
28.She Got Her Own
29.Loso's Way
30.Diamonds On My Chain (feat.Young Jeezy)
31.Into You (feat. Tamia)
32.Make Me Better (feat. Ne-Yo)
33.Into You - feat. Tamia [Early Fade Main Mix Amended]
34.Into You (Early Fade Main Mix Amended)
35.Into You (feat. Tamia) - Main Mix
36.Baby Don't Go - Album Version (Edited)
37.Trade It All (feat. Jagged Edge)
38.Ghetto (feat. Thara)
39.Get Yo Money
40.Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (feat. Keri Hilson)
41.Throw It in the Bag (feat. The-Dream)
42.Into You (Radio Edit)
43.I Really Like

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