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Ashanti (Feat. Goldie)

You say I'm bein' foolish
So I'ma show you what the truth is
It's only you, it's only you
It's only you
I'm not always there when you call
But I'm always on time
Gave you my all
I'm not always there when you call
But I'm always on time
Gave you my all
Ooh, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Ooh, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Ooh, baby
You need to get with this

[Verse: Fabolous]
Came in the game flippin' bigs like Ashanti
My new ish is foolish like Ashanti
You miss me? Ahh baby like Ashanti
I told shorty, 'You know the rule like Ashanti'
I'm chasin' paper, sweatin' out my Saint Laurent tee
It's all about my paper, even rappin' 'round the fonty
By '04, I had the coupe Bentley Conti'
Shit I don't know if it's Givenchy or Givanchy
Fuck how I pronounce it, just know that I counts it
Didn't care if I was there, now they gon' announce it
This is me reflectin' on my niche before I found it
Like Escobar, thinkin' back to when he used to ounce it
Wonder if it's easier to be a kingpin
Than it was makin' peasants respect a king pen
Tablesole of niggas who bring them things in
Club full of girls, guess I still bring them things in
That's what me hostin' do
To hustlers who flip hustles, that's what we toastin' to
This the flow that got my baby mama ghostin' through
You niggas far from the niggas that I'm closest to
Y'all too emotional, sensitive ass niggas
You might but you might not, tentative ass niggas
I said it then I meant it, definitive ass nigga
This ain't your house, you old rent-to-live ass nigga
You should just do R&B like Ashanti
Shorty got me mesmerized like Ashanti
Chinky eyes, thick thighs like Ashanti
'Bout to let mami manage this like Ashanti
Killin' hoes, killin' foes and killin' flows
Black jeans, black hoodie, these are killer clothes
Damn, maybe I shoulda signed with Murder Inc
But my units full of Gs, I don't know what Irv would think
I don't give a fuck what you niggas heard or think
Give a fuck 'bout your feelings 'til I die, word to Chinx
[Outro: Goldie]
All my days I've gone without you
It's so perfect when I'm with you
I know your heart can't take no more
I keep on comin' back to you
Comin' back to you
Comin' back to you
Comin' back to you

Girl: Yo, hurry up! It's about to start
Fabolous: Oh you like Power?
Girl: Yeah turn this up, this my show
Fabolous: So what if like I wanted to pull a ghost and like get out the game and do somethin' else like you know what I'm sayin'? Put my money somewhere, you know, fall back on. You know what I mean? Hustlin' and gettin' to it, just really just do somethin' else
Girl: But what else are you like gonna do? Like you know the ins and outs of this, like...
Fabolous: I know, but like, just, you know what I'm sayin'? Do somethin' else, it's many hustles out here, it's many ways, you know what I'm sayin'?
Girl: But if you got the money, power and respect, how you walk away from that?


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