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Jay-Z( 傑斯 )【 共收藏 46 張專輯, 814 首歌 】
JAY Z(1969年12月4日-),本名蕭恩·蔻利·卡特(Shawn Corey Carter),是一個美國嘻哈音樂藝術家、企業家。他的藝名原本為Jay-Z,但在2013年7月改寫成'JAY Z'。他曾經是Def Jam與Roc-a-Fella兩間音樂製作公司的執行長並持有40/40俱樂部酒吧與布魯克林籃網的股份。在美國,他是獲得最大經濟上成功的嘻哈音樂藝人和企業家之一,在美國本土售出了超過2600萬張唱片。他受到高度而有鑽研性的讚揚的專輯《藍圖》只用了兩天時間來創作。他在2003年宣布從音樂製作工作中隱退後,他在2006年晚期回到了專輯《王者歸來》的製作中,這張專輯在第一周就交出了68萬張的銷售業績,這是JAY Z在發售第一周銷量最高的專輯。 MTV在其「有史以來最佳MC」名錄中以「一號」為他命名。《紐約時報》在2008年4月宣布JAY Z將要與Live Nation開始一個價值1.5億美元的合作計劃——這是頒發給音樂人的最昂貴的合約之一。JAY Z在2008年4月4日與碧昂絲·諾利斯結婚。
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The Unreleased Collection 英文
1.Jay-Z – H.O.V.A [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
2.Jay-Z Ft. Mary J. Blige Swizz Beatz – You're Welcome [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
3.Jay Z – Dead Presidents 3 [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
4.Jay-Z-Early This Morning
5.Jay-Z-People Talking
6.Jay-Z-Show You How
7.Jay-Z-Is That Your Chick…Lost Verses Remix (Feat. Memphis Bleek, Twista)
8.Jay Z – Black Gangster Unreleased Version (提供)
9.Jay-Z-Dead Or Alive Pt. 1 (Feat. Sauce Money) (Disses 2pac)
10.Jay Z- Off That (Feat Drake) [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
11.Jay Z – Road To Perdition Ft. Jay Electronica [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
12.Jay-Z-All About The Benjamins Freestyle (Feat. Shyne Sauce Money) (提供)
13.Jay-Z-So Right Remix (Feat. The L.O.X.)
14.Jay-Z-Dead Or Alive Pt. 2 (Feat. Sauce Money) (Disses 2pac)
15.Jay-Z-Murda Marcyville (Remix) (提供)
16.Jay-Z-The Game Iz Mine
17.Jay-Z-Hold Up (Feat. R Kelly) (提供)
18.Jay-Z-Hey Papi (Original)
19.Jay-Z-Love Is Love (提供)
20.Jay-Z-Takeover (Live At Summer Jam) (提供)
21.Jay-Z-Ny's Finest (Nas Diss) (提供)
22.Jay-Z-Murda Marcyville (Feat. Memphis Bleek Geda K) (提供)
23.Jay-Z-Behind The Ropes (Feat. Sauce Money) (提供)
24.Jay-Z-Roc Army (Feat. The Roc)
25.Jay-Z-20 Bag Shorty (Feat. Boo Gotti)
26.Jay-Z-Get Your Money Right (Feat. Dr. Dre The Game)
27.Jay-Z-What The Game Made Me (Feat. Memphis Bleek Sauce Money)
28.Jay-Z-Bedstuy To Marcy (Feat. Sauce Money) (提供)
29.Jay-Z-From Marcy To Hollywood (Feat. Memphis Bleek Sauce Money)
30.Jay-Z-4 Alarm Blaze (Feat. Mop)
31.Jay-Z-Higher (Hai Hai) (提供)
32.Jay-Z-Love For Free (Feat. Rell)
33.Jay-Z-Things You Do For Love (Feat. Horace Brown)
34.Jay-Z-Best Of Me (Remix) (Feat. Mya)
35.Jay-Z-Rock Steady (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
36.Jay-Z-Alone In This World (Remix) (Feat. Faith Evans)
37.Jay-Z-It's Obvious (Feat. Rell)
38.Jay-Z-Heartbreaker (Feat. Mariah Carey)
39.Jay-Z-Brind Back Your Love (Feat. Christion) (提供)
40.Jay-Z-Queen Bitch (Remix) (Feat. Lil Kim) (提供)
41.Jay-Z-Mi Amor (Feat. Angie Martinez) (提供)
42.Jay-Z-Dead Presidents (Original Verses)
43.Jay-Z-In My Lifetime (Original Ski Street Version)
44.Jay-Z-What's In A Name (提供)
45.Jay-Z-I Can't Get Wid That (Feat. Sauce Money Jaz-O) (提供)
46.Jay-Z-Analyze This (Feat. Lord Tariq Nas)
47.Jay-Z-My Kind Of Girl (提供)
48.Jay-Z-Living It Up (Feat. Sauce Money) (提供)
49.Jay-Z-Hovi Baby (Remix)
50.Jay-Z-Psa Ii (提供)
51.Jay-Z-You Rock My World (Remix) (Feat. Michael Jackson)
52.Jay-Z-Hell Yeah (Remix) (Feat. Dead Prez)
53.Jay-Z-Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Remix) (Feat. Young Gunz) (提供)
54.Jay-Z-Ignorant Shit
55.Jay-Z-Peoples Court
57.Jay-Z-Addicted To The Game
58.Jay-Z-Get My Shit Off
59.Bounce Demo (Featuring Timbaland) (提供)
60.Jay-Z – Tower Hiest [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
61.Jay-Z – Computerized (Feat. Daft Punk)
62.Jay-Z – Blue Ivy [Unreleased No Dj, Cdq] (提供)
63.Jay Z – Lean On To The Next One (提供)
Magna Carta... Holy Grail 英文
1.Holy Grail(feat. Justin Timberlake)(Album Version Explicit)(聖杯)
2.Picasso Baby(Album Version Explicit)(畢卡索寶貝)
3.Tom Ford(Album Version Explicit)(湯姆福特)
4.F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit(feat. Rick Ross)(Album Version Explicit)(我就是屌)
5.Oceans(feat. Frank Ocean)(Album Version Explicit)(海洋)
6.F. U. T. W.(Album Version Explicit)(什麼鬼世界)
7.Somewhereinamerica(Album Version Explicit)(美國某地)
8.Crown(Album Version Explicit)(皇冠)
9.Heaven(Album Version Explicit)(天堂)
10.Versus(Album Version Explicit)(對決)
11.Part II(feat. Beyoncé)(On The Run Album Version Explicit)(二部曲)
12.Beach Is Better(Album Version Explicit)(海邊卡好)
13.BBC(Album Version Explicit)(億萬富翁俱樂部)
14.Jay Z Blue(Album Version Explicit)(傑斯憂鬱)
15.La Familia(Album Version Explicit)(家庭)
16.Nickels And Dimes(Album Version Explicit)(一點一滴)
The Cuban Connection 英文
1.Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)
2.Lay Up (Remix)
3.Suit And Tie
4.Clique (Remix)
5.3 Kings
6.I Do (Remix)
American Genius 英文
2.Ignorant Shit
3.Say Hello
6.Blue Magic
7.American Gangster
8.Intro (提供)
9.No Hook
10.American Dreamin'
11.Hello Brooklyn 3.0 (提供)
12.Roc Boys
14.I Know
15.Party Life
Blue 英文
2.Tower Heist
3.I Do
4.Talk That Talk
5.No Church In The Wild
6.Niggas In Paris (Remix)
7.Mr Nice Watch
8.Boongie Drop
9.Illest Motherfucker Alive
10.713 (提供)
11.DJ Self (Freestyle)
12.Gotta Have It
13.Made In America
14.Why I Love You
15.Lift Off
Z(傑斯)-超精選(The Hits Collection Volume One) 英文
1.Public Service Announcement - Interlude(公共廣播)
2.Run This Town - feat. Rihanna、Kanye West(一統江湖 - feat. 蕾哈娜、肯伊威斯特)
3.'03 Bonnie & Clyde - feat. Beyonce Knowles('03 邦妮與克萊德 - feat. 碧昂絲)
5.I Just Wanna Love U - Give It 2 Me(只想愛你 - 給我)
6.Izzo(H. O. V. A. )
7.D. O. A. - Death Of Auto - Tune(修音軟體 Auto - Tune 之死)
8.99 Problems(99個問題)
9.Empire State Of Mind - feat. Alicia Keys(紐約之光 - feat. 艾莉西亞凱斯)
10.Dirt Off Your Shoulder(逆境向前)
11.Hard Knock Life - Ghetto Anthem -(勇闖天涯)
12.Show Me What You Got(有本事秀出來)
13.Roc Boys - And The Winner Is...(兄弟們)
14.Big Pimpin' (超屌)
Jay-Z: The Hits Collection, Volume One 英文
1.Big Pimpin'*
2.This Life Forever
3.Run This Town* (提供)
4.Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)...*
6.I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)*
7.Izzo (H.O.V.A.)*
8.D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)*
9.Empire State Of Mind*
10.Dirt Off Your Shoulder*
11.Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem)***
12.Show Me What You Got*
13.Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
14.My President Is Black (Remix)
15.Pump It Up (Freestyle)
16.99 Problems
17.'03 Bonnie & Clyde**
18.Young, Gifted And Black
The Blueprint 3 英文
Roc Nation
1.What We Talkin' About
2.Thank You
3.D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
4.Run This Town
5.Empire State Of Mind
6.Real As It Gets
7.On To The Next One
8.Off That
9.A Star Is Born
10.Venus Vs. Mars
11.Already Home
14.So Ambitious
15.Young Forever
A Prelude To Blueprint 3 ) 英文
1.Jockin' Jay-Z
2.Swagga Like Us (ft. T.I. & Lil Wayne & Kanye West)
3.Boys (Remix)(ft. M.I.A.)
4.My President Is Black (Remix)(ft. Young Jeezy)
6.Mr. Carter (ft. Lil Wayne)
7.I Do It For Hip Hop (ft. Ludacris & Nas)
8.Gutted (ft. Beanie Sigel)
9.Brooklyn (Go Hard)
10.Blow The Whistle (freestyle)
11.Maybach Music (ft. Rick Ross)
12.Ain't I
13.A Billi
14.When The Money Goes
15.Lost+ (ft. Coldplay)
16.Put On (Remix)(ft. Young Jeezy)
17.He Asked For It (ft. Uncle Murda)
18.Go Hard (Remix)(ft. DJ Khaled & Kanye West)
19.You're Welcome (ft. Mary J Blige & Swizz Beatz)
Jaydiohead 英文
1.Wrong Prayer (提供)
2.99 Anthems (提供)
3.No Karma (提供)
4.Lucifer's Jigsaw (提供)
5.Optimistic Moment (提供)
6.Dirt Off Your Android (提供)
7.Dreaming Up (提供)
8.Change Order (提供)
9.Fall In Step (提供)
10.Ignorant Swan (提供)
11.Air Roc (提供)
12.Life There (提供)
13.Reckoner's Encore (提供)
14.December Backdrifts (提供)
American Gangster 英文
1.Intro (American Gangster)
2.Blue Magic
3.I Know
4.Ignorant Shit
5.No Hook
8.Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)...
9.Party Life
10.Say Hello
12.American Gangster
13.American Dreamin'
14.Hello Brooklyn 2.0
Kingdom Come(王者再臨) 英文
Def Jam
1.The Prelude
2.Oh My God
3.Kingdom Come
4.Show Me What You Got
5.Lost One
6.Do U Wanna Ride
7.30 Something
8.I Made It
12.Dig A Hole
13.Minority Report
14.Beach Chair
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)**
2.Wishing On A Star (D Influence Remix)**
3.Brooklyn's Finest**
4.Ain't No Nigga**
5.Ride Or Die**
6.Imaginary Player**
7.Friend Or Foe**
8.Friend Or Foe '98*
9.Money, Cash, Hoes**
10.I Know What Girls Like*
11.22 Two's**
13.Dead Presidents II*
14.Can't Knock The Hustle**
15.The City Is Mine**
16.Can I Get A...**
17.Reservoir Dogs*
18.Money Ain't A Thang*
Collision Course 英文
1.Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You
2.Big Pimpin' / Pape
3.Jigga What / Faint
4.Izzo / In The End
5.Points Of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer
6.Numb / Encore
The Black Album 英文
1.Interlude(In The Black Album)
2.December 4th
3.What More Can I Say?
5.Change Clothes(Feat.Pharrell)
6.Dirt Off Your Shoulder
8.Moment Of Clarity
9.99 Problems
10.Public Service Announcement(Interlude)
11.Justify My Thug
14.My 1st Song
The Blueprint 2.1 英文
1.Beware Of Boys
2.Blueprint 2*
3.Excuse Me Miss*
4.What They Gonna Do, Part. II*
5.All Around The World*
6.Bitches And Sisters*
7.La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)
9.The Watcher 2*
10.Hovi Baby*
11.Guns & Roses*
12.'03 Bonnie & Clyde*
13.Meet The Parents*
14.A Dream*
15.Some How Some Way*
16.The Bounce*
Miscellaneous 英文
1.Beware Of The Boyz
Bring It On: The Best Of Jay-Z 英文
1.Dead Presidents II*
2.Brooklyn's Finest*
3.Coming Of Age*
4.Rap Game/Crack Game*
5.Friend Or Foe '98*
6.Paper Chase*
7.22 Two's*
8.Bring It On*
9.Wishing On A Star (D'Influence Remix)*
10.Ride Or Die*
11.Ain't No Nigga*
12.Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)*
13.Reservoir Dogs
14.A Week Ago*
15.Coming Of Age (Da Sequel)*
The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse 英文
1.Hovi Baby
2.The Bounce
3.Diamond Is Forever
4.Meet The Parents
5.Blueprint 2
6.A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier
7.Show You How
8.Bitches & Sisters
9.What They Gonna Do Part II
10.Excuse Me Miss
11.2 Many Hoes
12.A Dream
13.All Around The World
14.Some People Hate
15.The Watcher 2
16.U Don't Know (Remix)
17.As One
18.Guns & Roses
19.I Did It My Way
20.Nigga Please
21.Poppin' Tags
22.What They Gonna Do
23.Fuck All Night
24.Some How Some Way
25.03' Bonnie & Clyde
Chapter One: Greatest Hits 英文
1.The City Is Mine*
2.Sunshine (Radio Edit)
3.Wishing On A Star (Radio Edit)
4.Can't Knock The Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix)
5.Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) (Radio Edit)
6.Ain't No Nigga (Original Radio Edit)
7.Can't Knock The Hustle (Radio Edit)
8.Money Ain't A Thing
9.Money, Cash, Hoes*
10.Imaginary Players
11.Can I Get A...*
12.Streets Is Watching*
13.I Know What Girls Like (Fly Girly Dub)
14.Dead Presidents II*
15.Ain't No Nigga (Rae & Christian Mix)
16.Feelin' It*
17.Brooklyn's Finest*
18.Wishing On A Star (D'Influence Remix)*
The Blueprint 英文
1.The Ruler's Back
4.Girls, Girls, Girls
5.Jigga My Nigga
6.U Don't Know
7.Hola' Hovito
8.Heart Of The City(Ain't No Love)
9.Never Change
10.Song Cry
11.All I Need
13.Blueprint(Momma Loves Me)
Jay-Z: Unplugged 英文
1.Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) (Live)
2.I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me) (Live)
3.Can't Knock The Hustle/Family Affair
4.Girls, Girls, Girls (Live)
5.Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) (Live)
6.Jigga What, Jigga Who (Live)
7.Can I Get A... (Live)
8.Izzo (H.O.V.A) (Live)
9.Big Pimpin' (Live)
10.Song Cry (Live)
11.Takeover (Live)
12.Ain't No Nigga (Live)
13.Jigga That Nigga/People Talking
Dynasty Roc La Familia 英文
2.Change the game
3.I Just Wanna Love U(Give It 2 Me)
4.Streets is talking
5.This can't be life
6.Get your mind right mami
7.stick to the script
8.You, Me, Him and her
9.Guilty until proven innocent
10.Parking lot pimpin'
13.The R.O.C
14.Soon you'll understand
15.Squeeze 1st
16.where have you been
Vol.3Life And Times Of S.Carter 英文
1.Hova Song(Intro)
2.So Ghetto
3.Do it Again
4.Dope Man
5.Things That U Do
6.It's Hot(Some Like It Hot)
7.Snoopy Track
8.S. Carter
9.Pop 4 Roc
10.Watch Me
11.Big Pimpin'
12.There's Been a Murder
13.Come and Get Me
15.Hova Song(Outro)
16.Girl's Best Friend
17.Do You Believe(Hova Interlude)
18.Is That Yo Bitch?
Vol.3-Life&Times Of S.Carter 英文
2.Big Pimpin'
3.Come And Get Me
4.Dope Man
5.Do It Again
6.Girl's Best Friend
7.Hova Song(Intro)
8.Hova Song(Outro)
9.Is That Yo Bitch?
10.It's Hot(Some Like It Hot)
11.Jigga My Nigga
13.Pop 4 Roc
14.S. Carter
15.Snoopy Track
16.So Ghetto
17.There's Been A Murder
18.Things That U Do
19.Watch Me
Vol.2Hard Knock Life 英文
Def Jam
1.Intro - Hand It Down
2.Hard Knock Life(Ghetto Anthem)
3.If I Should Die
4.Ride or Die
5.Nigga What, Nigga Who(Originator 99)
6.Money, Cash, Hoes
7.A Week Ago
8.Coming of Age(Da Sequel)
9.Paper Chase
10.Reservoir Dogs
11.It's Like That
12.It's Alright
13.Money Ain't A Thang
In My Lifetime Vol.1 英文
Def Jam
1.The City is Mine
2.Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More
3.I Know What Girls Like
4.Imaginary Player
5.The Streets is Watching
6.Friend or Foe '98
7.Lucky Me
9.Who You Wit II
10.Face Off
11.Real Niggaz
12.Rap Game/Crack Game
13.Where I'm From
14.You Must Love Me
In My Lifetime 英文
1.In My Lifetime (original Ski radio version)
Reasonable Doubt 英文
1.Can't Knock The Hustle
2.Politics As Usual
3.Brooklyn's Finest
4.Dead Presidents Ii
5.Feelin It
7.22 Two's
8.Can I Live
9.Ain't No Nigga
10.Friend Or Foe
11.Coming Of Age
12.Cashmere Thoughts
13.Bring It On
15.Can I Live Ii
Ost-Streets Is Watching 英文
1.It's Alright(Ost)
2.Love For Free
3.You're Only A Customer
5.In My Lifetime(Remix)
6.Your Love
Young Forever (Single) 英文
1.Young Forever (Single)2.Change Clothes
Unfinished Business 英文
1.Mo' Money
2.We Got 'Em Goin'
3.Pretty Girls
4.The Return
The Dynasty: Roc La Famila 2000 英文
1.Intro - Album Version (Edited)
2.Soon You'll Understand - Album Version (Edited)
3.Squeeze 1st - Album Version (Edited)
The Best Of Both Worlds 英文
1.Break Up To Make Up
2.Get This Money
3.Green Light
5.It Ain't Personal
7.Shake Ya Body
8.Somebody's Girl
9.Take You Home With Me (A.K.A Body)
10.The Best Of Both Worlds
11.The Streets
Rocafella Mixtape 英文
1.Baby Thug (interlude)
2.Biggie Smalls (interlude)
3.Black Gangster
4.If I Can't
5.Jay-Z Speaks
6.Just a Week Ago
7.Pump It Up
My President Is Black 英文
1.My President Is Black (intro)
2.He Asked for It
3.This Shit Right Here
4.I Know (live at Glastonbury)
5.Dead Presidents III
6.Heart of the City (live at Glastonbury)
7.Encore / Numb (live at Glastonbury)
8.Jockin Jay-Z
9.Ain't I
Live In Brooklyn 英文
1.03' Bonnie & Clyde (Live)
2.Run This Town (Live)
3.On to the Next One (Live)
4.Public Service Announcement (Live)
5.03' Bonnie & Clyde
Live At Coachella (2010) 英文
1.Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) [Live]
2.D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) {Live}
3.99 Problems (Live)
4.A Dream (Live)
5.Where I'm From (Live)
6.Run This Town - Live
Library of a Legend 英文
1.You Don't Know
2.Welcome to New York City
3.What You Think of That
4.Murda, Murda
6.Cheat on You
7.4 My Niggaz
8.Here We Go
9.Guess Who's Back
10.Superugly (Dissin' Nas)
11.7 Minute Freestyle
12.Young, Black, and Gifted
13.Funk Flex Freestyle
14.Live Freestyle (22 Two's Beat)
15.Who Shot Ya Freestyle
16.Dead or Alive, Part 1 (Disses 2pac)
17.4 Alarm Blaze
18.Think It's a Game
19.Never Take Me Alive
20.Big Pimpin (extended radio edit)
21.Lyrical Exercise
22.Cant Knock the Hustle (remix)
23.A Million and One Questions (remix)
24.Mi Amor
25.One Minute Man (remix)
26.Big Momma Thang
27.I Miss U (remix)
28.That's How You Like It
29.We Ride
30.Rock Steady
31.Crazy in Love
32.Keep It Real
33.Fiesta (remix)
35.Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac)
Irakian Gangsta 英文
1.No Hook (Sonar Remix)
2.Party Life (Sonar Remix)
3.Say Hello (Sonar Remix)
4.Fallin (Sonar Remix)
5.Ameriçan Gangster (Sonar Remix)
An American Gangster 英文
1.New York feat. Raekwon(produced by Hasan Insane)
2.Heart of the Black City feat. Jill Scott and Don Byas(produced by Black Friday)
3.99 Problems(Fall Out Boy RMX)
American Gangster Acappella 英文
1.Fallin' (A Cappella)
2.Say Hello (A Cappella)
3.I Know (A Cappella)
4.Sweet (A Cappella)
5.Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)... (A Cappella)
6.No Hook (A Cappella)
7.American Dreamin' (A Cappella)
8.Pray (A Cappella)
9.Intro (A Cappella)
10.American Gangster (A Cappella)
11.Blue Magic (A Cappella)
4.:44 英文
1.Kill Jay Z
2.The Story of O.J.
3.Family Feud
5.Marcy Me
暫存2 英文
1.What More Can I Say
2.Public Service Announcement
3.Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)
4.Jigga That Nigga
5.Stick 2 The Script
6.The R.O.C.
7.Run This Town* ('Jay-Z: The Hits Collection, Volume One' album)
8.Wishing On A Star (Trackmasters Remix)
9.Streets Is Watching
10.Always Be My Sunshine
11.Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)
12.Wishing On A Star (D'Influence Remix)
13.Hand It Down (Intro)
14.Intro: A Million And One Questions / Rhyme No More
15.8 Miles And Running
16.Numb / Encore (Clean Version)
17.Numb / Encore (A Cappella Clean)
18.Numb / Encore (A Cappella)
19.Take Ya Home With Me
20.Feelin' You In Stereo
21.Fiesta (Rmx)
22.Take You Home With Me (A.K.A. Body)
23.Big Chips
24.She's Coming Home With Me
25.Break Up (That's All We Do)
26.Don't Let Me Die
27.The Return (Remix)
30.Can I Get A Fuck You
31.Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)
33.La Familia
35.Stretch and Bobbito Show '95
36.Excuse Me Miss - Album Version (Edited)
37.Meet The Parents - Album Version (Edited)
38.What They Gonna Do Part II - W/ Int'l Bonus track
39.F**k All Nite - Album Version (Edited)
40.I Did It My Way - Album Version (Edited)
41.Diamonds Is Forever - Album Version (Edited)
42.Some People Hate - Album Version (Edited)
43.Blueprint 2 - Album Version (Edited)
44.2 Many Hoes - Album Version (Edited)
45.Show You How - Album Version (Edited)
46.D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) - Album Version (Edited)
47.Picasso Baby - Album Version (Edited)
48.La Familia - Album Version (Edited)
49.JAY Z Blue - Album Version (Edited)
50.BBC - Album Version (Edited)
51.Beach Is Better - Album Version (Edited)
52.Versus - Album Version (Edited)
53.Heaven - Album Version (Edited)
54.Crown - Album Version (Edited)
55.F.U.T.W. - Album Version (Edited)
56.Tom Ford - Album Version (Edited)
57.Nickels And Dimes - Album Version (Edited)
58.The Ruler's Back - Album Version (Edited)
59.Lyrical Exercise - Album Version (Edited)
60.Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) - Album Version (Edited)
61.All I Need - Album Version (Edited)
62.Song Cry - Album Version (Edited)
63.Never Change - Album Version (Edited)
64.Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) - Album Version (Edited)
65.Hola' Hovito - Album Version (Edited)
66.Jigga That Nigga - Album Version (Edited)
67.Girls, Girls, Girls - Album Version (Edited)
68.Takeover - Album Version (Edited)
69.Empire State Of Mine
70.Pray - Album Version (Edited)
71.American Gangster - Album Version (Edited)
72.Blue Magic - Album Version (Edited)
73.Fallin' - Album Version (Edited)
74.Say Hello - Album Version (Edited)
75.Party Life - Album Version (Edited)
76.Sweet - Album Version (Edited)
77.No Hook - Album Version (Edited)
78.American Dreamin' - Album Version (Edited)
79.Interlude - Album Version (Edited)
80.My 1st Song - Album Version (Edited)
81.Allure - Album Version (Edited)
82.Lucifer - Album Version (Edited)
83.Justify My Thug - Album Version (Edited)
84.Threat - Album Version (Edited)
85.Change Clothes - Album Version (Edited)
86.What More Can I Say - Album Version (Edited)
87.December 4th - Album Version (Edited)
88.Imaginary Players - Album Version (Edited)
89.Lucky Me - Album Version (Edited)
90.Who You Wit II - Album Version (Edited)
91.Where I'm From - Album Version (Edited)
92.You Must Love Me - Album Version (Edited)
93.Blue Magic (Explicit)
94.Anything - Album Version (Edited)
95.No Church In The Wild - Album Version (Edited)
96.We made it (remix)
97.Young Forever (feat.Mr Hudson)
98.Understand Me
99.Jockin' Jay-Z (Travis Barker remix)
暫存1 英文
1.A Million And 1 Questions(Extended)
2.Are You Ready(Sweaty) (提供)
3.Beanie Siegel Freestlye
4.Big Pimpin'(Extended)
5.Can I Get A...(Video Edit)
6.Can I Live(Bonus Disc)
7.Can't Get With That
8.Can't Knock The Hustle(Rmx)
9.Coming Of Age(Da Sequel)
10.Crew Love
11.Dead Presidents (part 1) *(Part 1)
12.Dj Clue Snippets (提供)
13.H To The Izzo
14.Hey Papi
15.In My Lifetime(Original Ski Mix)
16.Marcy To Hollywood
17.More Money, More Cash, More Hoes(Remix)
18.Never Change
19.Pain In Da Ass(Outro) (提供)
20.People's Court
22.Things Groupies Say(Skit) (提供)
23.This Life Forever
24.What The Game Made Me
25.Who You Wit
26.Wishing On A Star
27.Girls, Girls, Girls(Remix)
29.Do U Wanna Ride?
30.Can't Knock the Hustle(Remix)
32.Marcy to Hollywood
33.A Million and 1 Questions(Extended)
34.Dig A Hole [Explicit]
35.44 Fours
36.Resevoir Dogs
37.Can I Get A...
38.Dead Presidents(Part 1)
39.100$ Bill
40.What the Game Made Me
42.Wishing on a Star
43.I'll Be (Dirty)
44.Gangsta Shit
45.8 Miles and Runnin'
46.Open Letter
47.Somewhere in America
49.Picasso Baby
52.Tom Ford
53.Beach Is Better
57.Part II (On The Run)
58.Jay-Z Blue
59.Nickles & Dimes
60.Holy Grail
61.In My Lifetime
62.Bonnie & Clyde
64.Meiple (Me I Play)
65.This Life Forever (Urban Noize Remix)
66.Super Ugly
67.Change The Game (Remix)
68.Mr Carter
69.Things That You Do
70.Jockin' Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh)
73.Best Of Both Worlds
74.Hello Brooklyn
75.Dear Summer
76.Ain't No
77.Show You
78.Squeeze First
79.Who You Wit 2
80.Some How
81.Who U Wit II
82.Big Pimpin'/Papercut
83.Everyday A Star Is Born
84.Go Crazy (Remix)
86.Most Kingz
暫存 英文
1.Song Cry (Blend)
2.Maybach Music 2 (Lost Verse)
3.Fuck All Nite
4.Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z / Alicia Keys]
5.Threat 2
6.Come And Get Me (Album Version (Edited))
7.Nymp (Album Version (Edited))
8.Bump Bump Bump Freestyle
9.I Can't Get With That
10.I Just Wanna
11.In My Lifetime (radio edit)
12.I Can't Get Wid Dat
13.Hovi Baby (Remix)
14.Empire State of Mind (Live)
15.Dirt Off Your Shoulder (NLM Oriental club remix 2011) (Beat by DJ Serghino)
16.Kindom Come
17.Can't Knock the Hustle (Fool's Paradise remix) (dirty)
18.Can't Knock the Hustle (original mix)
19.Bonny & Clyde
20.Can I Get A... (Soundtrack Version)
21.Interlude (Jay-Z/The Black Album)
22.Show Me What You Got (Edit)
23.Young Forever (Jay-Z + Mr Hudson)
24.D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) [Chase + Status Remix]
25.Run This Town (Jay-Z + Rihanna + Kanye West) [Live From Madison Square Garden]
26.Excuse Me Miss (Explicit)
27.Hard Knock Life (Radio Edit)
28.Sunshine (Ratatat remix)
29.Feelin It (remix)
30.Lucifer (remix)
31.Young Forever - Live
32.'03 Bonnie & Clyde (radio edit)
33.Bonnie & Clyde '03
34.'03 Bonnie and Clyde
35.Girls, Girls, Girls, Pt. 2
36.So Ambitious [Jay-Z + Pharrell]
37.Already Home [Jay-Z + Kid Cudi]
38.A Star Is Born [Jay-Z + J. Cole]
39.On To The Next One [Jay-Z + Swizz Beatz]
40.Real As It Gets [Jay-Z + Young Jeezy]
41.Run This Town [Jay-Z + Rihanna + Kanye West]
42.What We Talkin' About [Jay-Z + Luke Steele [Of Empire Of The Sun]]
43.Hova Song - Album Version/Outro
44.Somewhere in America (instrumental)
45.Deja Vu
46.100$ Bill (With Dialogue)
47.A Star Is Born (Amended Version)
48.Go Hard (remix)
49.Hova Song - Album Version/Intro
51.Always Be My Sunshine - Album Version (Edited)
52.Sunshine (album version)
53.Numb/Encore (a cappella radio edit)
54.Numb / Encore (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)

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